15 Amazingly Simple Ways to Promote Your Business with Stickers


Stickers are extremely versatile and they can be an amazing marketing tool if you understand their value. They’re easy to use and come in a wide range of shapes, colors, and sizes – this means that you can let your imagination run wild and your marketing campaign can be unique and fresh.

If you think about it, stickers are among the very few marketing materials that give you complete freedom when it comes to design. Even more, stickers can be used as a stand-alone material or they can accompany bigger ones. Regardless, your message will be better perceived by the public because of stickers!

Since we know great ideas inspire even greater ones, below we gathered a collection that shows how stickers can make a campaign better. Have a look and let inspiration guide you!

#1: Spreading Brand Image

Big companies use stickers to make their brand known. For this, they print out logo stickers and spread them everywhere – the more attractive the sticker, the more interested people will be to display it!

#2: Directing Users

A cool way to promote a newly-open store is to install sticker-paths throughout the city. The stickers can have any shape from arrows to footprints, to funny characters pointing in a certain direction.  The idea is to attract people’s attention – if you manage that, stickers can be more effective than even social media!

#3:  When Visibility is Important

As we already mentioned, stickers come in a wide range of shapes and sizes so, if you need to make sure people see them, you can always print them in an oversized format – no one will miss them now!

#4: Interacting with the Environment

Remember those coffee stickers on steaming manhole covers? This is a fantastic example on how you can use stickers in direct relation with the environment! Any crazy idea can work as long as people can make the connection with your brand!

#5: Bumper Stickers

The fact that you can say these two words and people know immediately what you’re talking about is testament of the popularity of stickers. Make them cool and funny, and people will use them anytime, anywhere!

#6: Use them As a Reward System

A cool way to motivate people to buy your products is to give sticker catalogs and offer stickers with every purchase that goes over a certain amount (or contains certain products). Customers will stick the stickers in the catalog and when they have all of them, they can receive a discount.

#7: Die-cut Fits

Print stickers that are specially designed to fit an object. For instance, you could print stickers for the back of a motorcycle helmet, or the back of a bike. Make them interesting, and people will love to wear them.

#8: Add Value

A sticker can be both promotional and useful so, try to find a way to help people. For instance, if you want to promote a painting business, you can create a color conversion chart that will help graphic designers.

#9: Use them With Products

We already mentioned that stickers can work alone or in combination with other promotional materials. Now, you can also use them on packaging to attract people’s attention on information you want to make sure they don’t miss. For instance, if you have a ‘Buy one get one free’ sale, print stickers that will draw attention.

#10: That Something Extra

People always like businesses that go out of their way to offer something extra, and a cool sticker can be just that. You can print something funny and representative for your business, and put it in the package, as a surprise for the client.

#11: Thinking Outside of the Box

There are lots of examples of ingenious stickers out there and they show you can be as creative and bold as you can be. Pinterest is a fantastic source, and at a quick browse, you’ll notice that the main idea is getting people’s attention. If this means you have to print stickers in the shape of a car, so be it!

#12: Make them Challenging

Do you know that ad at security glass with a huge stack of money inside a glass case? It challenges people to break the glass and get the money, but it’s also an extremely ingenious way of telling people about their product. Use this in your sticker campaigns and people won’t ignore your business!

#13: Identity through Design

Brand identity is very important, but it’s also difficult to feed it to users without them getting annoyed. But stickers are generally well-received by the public, so you can stick your brand’s image, logo, or sketch on every product and your customers won’t get mad.

#14: Associate Gear with Stickers

A cool way to raise brand awareness is to help clients associate stickers with a certain type of gear. For instance, stickers of famous guitar producers are found on guitars all over the world, even products that have nothing to do with the name on the sticker.

#15: Stickers instead of Business Cards

It doesn’t work for very classy situations, but if you’re at a casual event, stickers may be more compelling than a simple business card. After all, a cool sticker has more chances to end up on the wall of a cubicle or on a phone case, than a business card ever had!


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