Break The Mold: Doing Things Differently With Your Marketing This Year


As the year comes to a close, it’s only natural for you to want to reflect. Whether you’ve had a good year, or it’s not quite gone as well as you’d of hoped, looking back is usually a great way to make sure you move forward in the right direction. Because we have a new year starting, and it’s always a good idea to start it off well. While there are always going to be lots of different things about your business activity that you would change, it’s often best to focus on how you can make next year better, rather than worrying about what you’ve done wrong. And a great way to do that is through your marketing. So whether you have a product launch coming up or you need need to shake things up, let’s take a look at how you could do things differently with your marketing this year.

Host An Event

First of all, you should definitely think about hosting an event. Events can be a lot of fun for you and for your customers. Whether you want to do a trade show with a killer stand such as provide, or you want to host a private dinner, events can bring you closer to your customers. You’ll often get to know them better and be able to make a bigger impact too.

Blend Online With Offline

Next, you should think about the ways you can bring your offline and online activity together. Because they can often benefit and encourage each other. With the right methods, you can send your offline customer to your website, and drive your online customers in store. Crossover methods like that can often increase your business activity and make your efforts more effective too.

Give Direct Marketing A Go

Next up, it’s on to direct marketing. This is something that many businesses have forgotten about. Okay, so they probably spend some time focusing on their newsletter, but offline methods can still work here. If you’re B2B, then calls may just be the one sales and marketing tactic that makes the most difference to your business activity as it is now.

Take Calculated Risks

From here, you should think about making some more risky moves with what you’re doing. Maybe you want to try out something new, but it’s a bold and you’re not too sure whether your target audience will go for it? Then test it. This post may also inspire you if you do want to try something big, but you’re just not sure what it should be.

Focus On Quality Not Quantity

Finally, it’s always going to work in your favorite if you can try to focus on quality, and not necessarily quantity. Its easy to believe that more traffic or more sales is what you need. But instead, you’re going to benefit from building up an engaged and loyal customer base. Working on improving your repeat orders or the average order value could be exactly what you need to transform your business going forward.


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