Dad Devotional: Do Not Provoke


Do you realize how huge of a responsibility God has given you?  Being a parent can be the most rewarding job you’ll ever have but it can also lead to a lot of heartache.  As Fathers (and Mothers) we often wonder how we are doing as parents.  Many people will say that children do not

Glory Days by Max Lucado Review

glory days review

I recently received an advance copy of Max Lucado’s new book Glory Days to review.    The description states “Living Your Promised Land Life Now”.   Max Lucado is a very successful author and preacher.  More than 120 million people have read the many books he has had published.  Max is the preacher at Oak

The Wisdom of Proverbs


My church is doing a cool thing for the month of March.  We are reading a chapter of Proverbs every day.  There are 31 days in March and there are 31 chapters in Proverbs.  Works out perfectly right?  So my wife and I have been reading this together each night before we go to sleep.

How We Are Ungrateful Towards God

ungrateful towards God

Here we are a week or so after Christmas and I had an interesting conversation with my 5 yr old.  My wife and I went to Hobby Lobby and picked up a few deals in their Christmas clearance section.  We picked up a few more items before we left.  As a treat for our 5

We Were Meant To Thrive Not Just Survive


I urge you to watch the video above. It’s by contemporary Christian group Casting Crowns.  If you’ve never heard of them I highly recommend you check them out.  The above song is called Thrive and this song is what inspired this post.  Well, the song and the thrive challenge which spends an entire month focusing

Are There Gray Areas in Life?

gray area

Today’s post is inspired by the devotion my family did tonight.  It involved situations where there isn’t a clear right or wrong decision.  There are some things that are clearly right and some that are clearly wrong.  But there are also things that are neither right or wrong they are simply a matter of personal

Uproar Over Noah Movie


As I sit here I’m not sure I should write the post.  It’s going to be a touchy subject and either way I’m sure I’ll offend someone.  But, I feel like I’m being led to write it…so here goes. I’ve been hearing a lot the last few days about the Noah movie starring Russell Crowe.