Working From Home With Kids

For anyone who had ever dealt with a long commute or long hours in a cubicle, working from home feels like a day off many times and should be considered a luxury.  Working from home has other benefits, such as gas savings, less wasted time (waiting in traffic), a comfortable environment, and (my favorite) you

Who Wants A Donkey Ride? (For Mother’s Day)

mothers day

This is going to be a short post but the story was too funny not to tell. I took my two boys (10 & 5) to Walmart the Saturday morning before Mother’s Day to get something for my wife (their mom) and to let her sleep in.  Because let’s face it, you can’t sleep with

Uproar Over Noah Movie


As I sit here I’m not sure I should write the post.  It’s going to be a touchy subject and either way I’m sure I’ll offend someone.  But, I feel like I’m being led to write it…so here goes. I’ve been hearing a lot the last few days about the Noah movie starring Russell Crowe.

Bump To Baby

tom fletcher

Here is the cool video that has gone viral this week.  Tom Fletcher took video of his pregnant wife during her entire pregnancy.  He then did some snazzy video editing and showed her baby bump growing using a time lapse effect.  Then he put that side by side with footage of him singing.   At

iPad Obsession

ipad obsession

I’m a terrible parent.  I made the mistake several months back of letting my 4 yr old play with my iPad.   I honestly never use it. I have a HP Windows tablet that I use so the iPad was just sitting around most of the time.  So I got him a few games and

Family Time vs Your Business

I think it’s fitting that the first post on my new blog is one that mixes family and business.  You see, this blog is a mashup of two blogs I previously ran.     But we’ll get to that later.  I’d like to start by asking a question of you dads (or moms) out there

Old…But Not “Old Man” Old

I was having a very in depth and meaningful conversation with my 4 year old the other morning.  I was helping him get dressed for school and we were discussing the playgrounds, and school, and how difficult it is to obey his teachers.  I mentioned that I enjoy playgrounds and he informed me that I

How Well Do You Know Your Wife?

Have you ever seen The Newlywed Game?  It’s a great show which takes newlyweds and asks them various questions about each other to see how well they know each other.  Well, our church recently had a banquet for Valentine’s Day and we played a version of this game.  Except this was made up of couples

Why I Hate Walmart.

I’m going to warn you beforehand.   This post is going to be a rant.  I’m going to groan and moan and complain.  So there…you’ve been warned.  How many times have you been inside a Walmart?  Ten…Twenty..Fifty….Over One Hundred?  I can’t even count.  I started my working life after college in a Walmart so I