Best Apps For Business

apps for business

Technology is taking over the world; there’s no denying it. With most interactions made through social media platforms, online shops becoming the easiest way to shop, and AI reaching unknown limits – it makes sense to utilize what you can in your business. Our phones are full of apps – some of which we probably

Save Tons on Online Marketing

Small business owners must take advantage of every possible tool at their disposal.  Online marketing is not just an option any longer, it is a necessity.  Small business owners can use online marketing to reach an audience they never would have been able to reach just a few years ago. So, I ran across a

Twitter Small Business Planner


I was flipping through my regular Google search of “small business apps” tonight and I ran across something new that intrigued me.  Twitter Small Business Planner is a new app from Twitter.  It is obviously aimed at small business owners and it’s goal is to help them plan their marketing activities.  Twitter released this app

App Review: US Economy Tracker for iPad

us economy tracker for ipad

If you work in the stock market or have extensive investments or just like to keep up with the economy then you know how much information there is out there for keeping up with the market.  The US economy is sometimes volatile and when you’re dealing with investments, every second counts.    I know that

3 Free Web Conferencing Services

web conferencing

When you work for a large corporation or government agency you have many resources at your disposal.  You usually have a complex computer network with mail servers, file server, application servers, and firewalls.  You also have video, voice, and web conferencing on site.  But what if you’re a small business owner or consultant?  You usually

6 Android Apps For A Stress Free Business Trip

Going on a business trip doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. There are Android apps that you can use to help you organize and prepare for your business trip, making it a more pleasant and stress free experience. There’s just really no point in harboring those unnecessary stress. Besides, going on a business trip

9 Must Have Mobile Apps For Traveling

apps for traveling

If you love travelling, you certainly want everything to be in the perfect place and well organized to eliminate the hassles that can possibly happen during your travel period. Travelling can cause you significant stress especially when you travel unprepared without any tool to use to assist you in all your travelling needs. Keeping your

Essential Tech Tools For Business

It doesn’t matter if you have an online business or a more traditional brick and mortar business, there are certain tech tools that are absolutely necessary and that every business should be using. To make things simple, we`ve put together a list of incredibly useful tech tools for businesses to use. A common trait amongst