Falcon Expenses for iOS Review

falcon expenses

Here’s a little story for you.  It’s a bit of a horror story for me.  A couple of years ago I visited a client who was a few hours away.  I drove there in my personal vehicle. While there, I performed some server maintenance and did some pretty extensive database work.  I took the client

Falcon Expenses Developer Interview

falcon expenses

Later this week I’m going to be taking a closer look at Falcon Expenses, an iOS app that lets you track your expenses, billable time, and mileage.  You can then use Falcon Expenses to generate and send invoices based on this data.  For a consultant like me, this is a dream come true.  This would

4 Apps For Chauffeurs And Private Drivers

Anyone who operates their own private driver or limousine service – or who simply works for one – will tell you that there are a variety of concerns that can manifest when out on call. One of the biggest problems with any private driver fleet is the level of communication that it takes to keep

Manything Interview

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We published a press release on Manything a few days ago and honestly it was the first time I had heard of the iOS app.   Well I reached out to the company and today I have an interview I did with James West, the co-founder of Manything, and CEO of Alamy. The interview is

4 Sales Training Apps To Boost Your Sales

sales training apps

Salespeople have a few basic objectives in common: they want to meet new people and grab new leads, they want to impress potential clients and customers and they want to close the sale. These elements are the most important parts of being in sales, but there are a multitude of other considerations that pertain to

Top Apps for Restaurant Professionals

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There’s an app for everything nowadays – the ads don’t lie – and they’re useful for far more than just keeping yourself entertained while you’re waiting in line at the doctor’s office. You can use apps to keep your home organized, to maintain your health, and even to manage your business. For restaurant professionals, there

Business Opportunity: Mobile Website Reseller

Sponsored Post – The following is a paid sponsored post Does your website have a mobile version?  If you want to compete in today’s environment you have to be aware of mobile users.  The proliferation of tablets and smartphones have created the need to have a mobile version of your website.  In looking at my

Construction Master Pro

I usually write about apps that I use in my work.  Apps that are perfect for consultants or freelancers.   But sometimes I like to look at specialty business apps like Construction Master Pro.  Apps like this are targeted to a specific industry and I like to look at them to get an idea of