3 Great Small Business Cloud Services

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As a small business owner or employee I’m sure you hear about “the cloud” all the time.  In fact it has become a buzz word with everyone jumping on board.  Pretty much everyone is coming out with “cloud” apps…Microsoft has Office 365, Google has Google Apps for your Business,  Adobe has many different services.  But

Top 5 Business Apps for the CEO

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Heading up a business can be tremendously stressful at the best of times; trying to keep yourself afloat whilst managing various projects, budgets and employees can make you feel like there simply aren’t enough hours in the day! So why not try and make it easier for yourself? Here are the best mobile phone apps

Using Mobile Survey Apps for Better Client Interaction

Sponsored Post – The following is a paid sponsored post Businesses base their decisions on anticipating and meeting client needs. Consequently, interacting with their clients to receive this vital data is an important part of conducting business. However, traditional client survey reports have been anything but accurate and have helped disenfranchise clients from businesses rather than draw

Video Apps for Your Business

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I’m running out of time today, so I don’t have time for a full post.  However, I did find this article over on another site which lists 10 Mobile Video Apps For Your Business.  There are some well known video apps in this list and some that I had never heard of. SeeVogh The SeeVogh

4 Apps To Manage Your Website On The Go


While running a popular website is almost a full time job, sometimes it is impossible to get to a computer in order to keep things operating smoothly. Fortunately, there are plenty of mobile applications that allow you to do exactly this. As long as you can get to a wireless hot spot or turn on your 4G/3G signal, you

Infographic: Ways CRM Can Increase Sales

[important]Most small businesses would benefit from the addition of a CRM application.  If you business relies on sales then a good application could help you organize your customers, potential customers, and sales leads.  Here at Small Biz Dad, we certainly recognize the importance of cultivating and maintaining the relationships with your customers. The folks over

Press Release: MySammy Announces iPhone and Android Apps


MySammy iPhone and Android apps available. [notice]If you have off site workers, then you know the challenge is ensuring they stay productive.  Human nature usually ensures that a good percentage of people will be goofing off if they have no one monitoring their productivity.  So we ran across this press release for MySammy, which is

8 Windows Phone Apps For Business Travel

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Apps are highly beneficial for working professionals around the world. They help in systematizing  collecting and organizing official files and documents. For business men and women on the move, there are numerous apps which could be of great help to them during business travel. If you are a business person with a Windows phone, the following apps would