Dropbox: More Than Just Online Storage

There is no doubt that Dropbox is one of the most useful tools out there and with mobile versions for Android, Blackberry and iOS you can bet that having it on your mobile is a must.   Pretty much any type of user can find a need for Dropbox.   It can be used for

TripIt: Travel Organizer for Any Platform

I am my father-in-law’s travel organizer.  He’s retired and when he plans a trip he comes over and we go online and I book everything for him and print out the itineraries and receipts.   But if he had an Android device, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or Windows Phone 7 then he could manage all of these details

Mind Tools: Business Training in Your Hand

So you want to get ahead in your career and climb the corporate ladder.  Mindtools.com has a toolkit of skills that they believe will help you along the way.  They call these lessons “mind tools” and they are broken down in categories and are presented as small bite sized lessons.  Their online access costs only

MaxMobile CRM for Blackberry

Yes, you read it right, this article focuses on an app geared towards Blackberry devices.  Although media reports tend to make us believe that everyone is using an iPhone or Android device, there are still a lot of Blackberry users out there.  And many businesses swear by Blackberry and don’t want anything to do with