6 Conference Calling Apps

conference call

Conference calling is now one of the best ways to communicate–whether you use it to conduct business meetings or to simply catch up with family and friends. The good news is, there are now a lot of conference call services from free to paid that make communicating much easier. If you are looking for free

5 Apps For Team Collaboration

team collaboration

If you work in the corporate world, or simply work in any office setting, you know how important it is to be efficient. Being efficient could mean several things in the workplace, like having fewer meetings, minimizing your planning or maximizing your team collaboration, which is perhaps the most underrated tool in efficiency. Since many

Choosing The Right Cable Supplier

If you work in the I.T. field then you know how often you need to have the right supplies on hand.  Clients rarely have the right cables or connectors on site.  So you need to have a good supply of cables and other parts at your disposal. Ordering cables and other telecommunication cable supplies can

3 Android Social Media Apps

android social media app

These days you have to live under a rock to not be influenced by social media.  For business owners this means that you now have another medium to get your message out to your client base.  There are many social media apps for Android to let you do just about anything you can think of.

5 Android Email Apps

android email app

What do you use for email on your Android device?  Do you have a favorite Android email app?  I personally use the stock Gmail app since all of my accounts are either straight Gmail or Google Apps for Business.  But some people like to use other email apps on their devices.  There are many reasons

FaceTime: Great for Business Users


There are quite a few good meeting apps for the iPad but lets not forget about the built in app…FaceTime.   FaceTime was introduced in 2010 and left beta status in 2011.  It is available for iOS devices starting with the iPhone 4. The Cameras The iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch all now have front

A Social Media Policy For Your Company

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I wanted to share an article that I read on LinkedIn by Ryan Holmes, the CEO of Hootsuite.  In the article, Ryan makes the argument that business leaders need to develop a well thought out social media policy. The point he makes is that, especially in certain industries, every communication coming from your company can

CanWeNetwork: Useful Connections for LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an invaluable resource for professionals when it comes to networking.   However, networking has changed somewhat from what it was ten or twenty years ago.  Today many people “network” by connecting on LinkedIn and maybe an email or two.  The level of interaction and conversation has decreased dramatically.  CanWeNetwork has developed iPhone and