LinkedIn for Android


So, are you on LinkedIn?  LinkedIn has become THE social network for professionals to network, find new jobs,  and to recruit that perfect new hire.   The benefit of LinkedIn is that it is free from the cat pictures and game requests of Facebook.  LinkedIn has many benefits for professionals: recommendations from clients/partners,  interest specific

I’m Texting…Bring On The Zombies


You’ve seen them…those teenagers hunched over their iPhone and Samsung phones vigorously tapping away on the virtual keyboard.  Are they emailing?  Are they writing a paper?  No, they are texting.  Personally I detest texting.  I have a smartphone…if I need to talk to you I will call you.  If I can’t call you, I will

Facebook Pages Manager

facebook pages manager

I have this really cool website for you to check out…it’s called Facebook.  It’s not very popular so you probably haven’t heard about it. Ok, so I’m being a little cheeky.  You would be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t have a Facebook account.  Of course they exist but they are few and far

SMS Marketing For Your Business

sms marketing

According to an infographic released by Microsoft there are 4 billion mobile phones in use: 1 billion of them are smartphones, 3 billion are SMS enabled and strangely 1 billion mobile phones do not have SMS function. Mobile phones have been an essential part of modern day life for some time, when people leave their

Ego for iPad: Is Everyone Talking About You?

Ego for iPad Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean everyone isn’t talking about you.  While it may hurt your pride if your friends and coworkers are gossiping behind your back about what you did at the office Christmas party, it’s nothing compared to what your clients or others may be saying about your company online.

Make Google Voice Your Business Line

So is your primary business phone your cell phone?  If you have a larger business the answer is most likely no but if you are a freelancer or consultant then there is a good chance it is.   If so, then Google Voice should be a service you take a closer look at.  Google Voice


App Directory Small Biz Dad has introduced a new App Directory category. The App Directory will be used as a basic listing of apps that we feel are useful. The post will include the basic description, link to the market/app store, and the listed cost. We hope this will be of benefit to our readers.

Pinterest Launches Mobile Apps for Android and iPad


As the mobile market continues to boom, social networking site Pinterest has launched mobile apps for its pinboard service. On Tuesday, the company said that it will be launching mobile apps for Android-based smartphones and for the Apple iPad. It is also releasing a redesigned app for the iPhone. With this, Pinterest is hoping that

Instagram’s Benefits for Businesses

The evolution in technology has created countless new possibilities to progress businesses. A business not willing to adapt to technology will always be left behind. Instagram is one such development that has the potential of pushing businesses to the top. This article will explain the benefits of Instagram for businesses looking to flourish and become