Top 5 Apps to Manage Your Expenses

manage your expenses

Effective management of your expenses requires their proper tracking. This is true to both business matters and everyday life. It can be tiring to stack up all your receipts and bills but your smart phone can help now.  You should be the one to read and know about the following apps that can help you

Grainger Mobile for Android

Ever heard of Grainger?  I have to admit that the app I’m looking at today is one that I personally haven’t used before today.  I drive buy a Grainger store every day on the way to pick up my kids from school…but I never realized what kind of store it was.   I thought it

What is Square and Why Should You Care?


With the world becoming more and more digital with every day that passes it’s necessary for businesses to keep up with it. Fewer and fewer people are carrying money around with them it becomes harder and harder for businesses to collect payment, requiring certain services that are offered. However merchant accounts through credit card companies

Travel Expense for Android

travel expense

Last week I visited a client for a consult on a new project.  It was an hour drive and then we went to lunch.  The good thing about these expenses is that they are tax deductible.  But here is what will happen next year when I start doing my taxes…”when did I go there? how

MileBug: Mileage/Expense Log


Tax time is here and this always reminds me of the deductions I can’t take because I didn’t keep good enough records.  Business mileage is one of those deductions.  I have several clients that I travel over an hour one way to see several times a year.  This could be a nice little deduction if

5 Fantastic Accounting Apps


The emergence of smartphones has made life more mobile. People are no longer stuck to their desks doing office work, and the digital revolution gave birth to the concept of multi-tasking.  Now every Tom, Dick and Harry can keep tabs on their finances without a need of an actual accountant.   Here are some of

Miles: Vehicle Mileage Logbook for iOS

vehicle mileage logbook

Tax time is quickly approaching and regardless of whether you use an accountant, a friend, or one of those programs that allow you to do free taxes, that still means going through receipts looking for those deductions.  One particular deduction that I have never taken is vehicle mileage.  The reason I haven’t taken it is because

Flint Mobile Payments: Snap A Pic of That Credit Card

Most of us have heard of Square and Paypal Here for accepting mobile payments.  I personally use Square and just recently received my Paypal Here dongle so I’ll try it out soon.   These two services have something in common….you need the dongle to get the best transaction rate.  You can key in the card

Swipe Credit Card Terminal

Here is an app for iOS that I haven’t tried but it looks interesting.   I may give it a try in the next few weeks and do a full review.  Until then check out Swipe Credit Card Terminal.   [appstore id=”309329440″ style=”full”]

Quickbooks Mobile: Productivity on the Go

I think most everyone in business has heard of Quickbooks.  It’s the big daddy of accounting software for small to mid sized businesses.  I use Quickbooks to keep track of my business and, while it may be overkill for my type of business, I find it extremely powerful. When running a business you must keep