Five Cool Games for Kids

This is the first article written by my son.  Evan is a great kid and he asked if he could write for my blog every so often.  So this is his first post.  I’m proud of the job he did.  Be on the lookout for future posts from him in our Kids Korner.   —Ben

Game Review: 100 Ballz for Android

100 ballz

You know, my life isn’t all work and kids and wife.  Sometimes I have time to kill and when I do I usually turn to my phone.  Smartphones are the ultimate way to waste time.  We have a seemingly unlimited number of games and apps to keep us occupied.  So today I decided to to

How About Some Trivia? QuizUp delivers.

I love trivia games.  I remember playing the Trivial Pursuit board game as a kid with my brothers and sisters.  I was the youngest and they rarely let me play but when they did I relished the opportunity.  I guess you could attribute my love of trivia to my competitive nature.  I love competing and