5 Must Have Gadgets To Work From Home

I have a day job but I also work from home with my consulting job.  There are many distractions and potential problems when you choose to work from home but there are also many tools and gadgets to make things easier for.  I could easily make this a 50 item list but who has time

Five Cool Games for Kids

This is the first article written by my son.  Evan is a great kid and he asked if he could write for my blog every so often.  So this is his first post.  I’m proud of the job he did.  Be on the lookout for future posts from him in our Kids Korner.   —Ben

Top 3 Apps For Grocery Shopping

I hate shopping.  I just wanted to get that out there and be upfront and honest.  I didn’t get married until I was in my early thirties so I had plenty of experience doing my own grocery shopping.  Now, I’ll admit that, as a single man, my purchases were a bit simpler than now.  

7 Content Creation Apps For Your Business

Despite the value that content creation can bring to a business, there are a couple of reasons why webpreneurs shudder at the thought of it – reasons which may not necessarily be true. And it’s because of these that they only expend a minimum to mediocre amount of their resources to amp up their website’s

3 Apps For Handyman Dads

I’m not very handy when it comes to fixing things around the house or fixing the car.  I can break apart a computer and build a new one from scratch all day…but not so much with traditional handyman jobs.  So anything I can do to help me around the house is worth it’s weight in

3 To-Do Apps With Web Versions

I love mobile apps.  That should be obvious to anyone who reads this site.  I think mobile devices and the apps that run on them have the ability to change the way we live our lives in a positive (and negative) way.  But when it comes to productivity apps I always try to find apps

Top 3 Android App Market Categories


If you’re into making apps and you’re having a hard time deciding which app to make, then this one’s for you! We all know how mobile apps are playing an important role in our day to day lives. Whether you’re using it for business, chatting with your friends, or just looking for the best restaurant

9 Gadgets for Web Designers

Website designers are not really the heroic type who rescue children from floods by day and sleep with beautiful people by night. They are quiet if not nerdy types of people, so you need a gadget gift for them that is really going to tickle their nerd nose, and here are ten really great ones

5 Apps To Lessen Your Business Stress


If you’ve been running a business for quite sometime now, then you’ve probably already realized that the experience doesn’t always have to be frustrating and stressful. But did you know that there are mobile apps that can also help you with that?There are ways for you to make the experience more amiable and delightful. Fixing

9 Must Have Mobile Apps For Traveling

apps for traveling

If you love travelling, you certainly want everything to be in the perfect place and well organized to eliminate the hassles that can possibly happen during your travel period. Travelling can cause you significant stress especially when you travel unprepared without any tool to use to assist you in all your travelling needs. Keeping your