Top iPhone Anti-Theft Apps

iphone anti-theft

iPhones cost a lot of money, which is why they are targets for thieves and people who are jealous of you. That is why giving your children such expensive gadgets is not always a great idea. If you think you may have a problem with phone theft then consider one of the anti-theft apps listed

10 Apps To Monitor Your Stock

Information is of key importance these days and the place where information is passed around the quickest is the Internet, especially when talking about international news. Making an investment on a calculated guess is greatly related to your awareness on of the current situation on the stock market. This is true both for the people

5 Apps For Team Collaboration

team collaboration

If you work in the corporate world, or simply work in any office setting, you know how important it is to be efficient. Being efficient could mean several things in the workplace, like having fewer meetings, minimizing your planning or maximizing your team collaboration, which is perhaps the most underrated tool in efficiency. Since many

Top 5 Financial Apps for Entrepreneurs

Everyone has a financial plan. And it’s good to have one too, as it helps you to keep your income and expenditures on track, so that you can focus more on savings. When it comes to entrepreneurs, bookkeeping and accounting become even more important as every penny only adds more value. However, it’s also quite

6 Best Architecture Apps

There are many applications today that have impacted people’s life in different ways.  Some of these apps are just for leisure while others are professional and have helped people in their careers. For example, there are several architecture apps that have greatly changed the way architects work. Here is a look at the 6 best

13 Building and Construction Apps

construction app

Many people assume that construction companies’ leaders have their heads in the clouds but the truth is that they store information there. In a sector that is frequently falsely accused of being sluggish to embrace technology, contractors today rely on the latest technological advances to have the job done. There are many construction apps available

3 Relaxation Apps for Android

relaxation apps

Running your own business can be stressful.  So sometimes you have to find a way to relax so that you can still get the job done.  We’ve all been there before…dead tired and not able to focus or concentrate on the task at hand.  I’ve had too many business trips that involve me lying in

3 Android Time Tracking Apps

android time tracking

I think anyone who reads my posts knows that I tend to cater to consultants and freelancers.  The reason for this is that I created this site because, as a consultant, I had trouble finding apps that helped me with my business.  One topic that I was always looking into was Android Time Tracking apps.

4 Apps For Chauffeurs And Private Drivers

Anyone who operates their own private driver or limousine service – or who simply works for one – will tell you that there are a variety of concerns that can manifest when out on call. One of the biggest problems with any private driver fleet is the level of communication that it takes to keep

4 Sales Training Apps To Boost Your Sales

sales training apps

Salespeople have a few basic objectives in common: they want to meet new people and grab new leads, they want to impress potential clients and customers and they want to close the sale. These elements are the most important parts of being in sales, but there are a multitude of other considerations that pertain to