6 Essential Mobile Apps for Business Travel

  Business travelers know a lot better than anyone that ‘time is money’. Each and every second you spend groping around looking to find the right directions or losing receipts or wanting to communicate with people in a language you do not understand could mean the real difference between building the best meeting or just

Top Cloud Apps For Android

Android is doing a great job playing catch-up to Apple, and though it has a lot more ground to cover to even approximate the dizzying number of apps available in the iPhone App Store, the number of Android apps is steadily growing at an appreciable pace for fans of the platform. In fact, some have

Top iPhone Apps for Small Businesses

Your smartphone is a vital tool to help you stay on top of your start-up. To help you be more productive, here are the top iPhone apps for your small business. Cisco WebEx Meetings WebEx is a useful program that lets you conduct meetings even when speaking with someone on the other corner of the

Mobile Apps That Will Help Streamline Your Office

Mobile devices are making it possible for businesses to take many processes on the road that once had to be carried out on a desktop computer in the office. There are many apps that will significantly increase business productivity, thus lowering costs. Also, many of these apps are free. Dictation Apps Dragon Dictation is one

9 Mobile Apps that Help Reduce Stress

Many people believe that using modern gadgets such as smart phones, laptops, computers, etc. will only add up to the individual’s feelings of stress.  But, this belief about the use of gadgets is slowly changing as stress-reducing apps are now coming to existence.  The following are some examples of iPhone apps that are being used

Top 5 Business Android Apps You Must Have

Android Business Apps

Android has been one of the leading innovators in the world of technology. Their products and apps are geared towards making the world of business easier to manage. What makes the products all the more convenient is the fact that they are not limited to the computer. Here are the top 5 biz android apps

Top 5 Free Business Apps for iPad

Top 5 Free Business Apps for iPad The iPad is highly favored by professionals and corporate users for its wide range of business and productivity apps. Check out these five great apps for business and get them without spending a cent. The iPad offers a simple design but yields great performance and productivity. Combined with

Top 7 Best Music Apps For Blackberry

You have bought blackberry to join the crowd on BBM. Of course it’s a great messenger to stay connected with all of your friends. But Blackberry is not limited to just messenger. There are a whole lot of other applications available in market which are not only free but will add more use to your

Top 3 Task Management Apps for Android

In terms of business apps, I believe task management to be the most useful category for mobile devices.  The ability to add to-do’s and mark things done in the field are vital when trying to stay on top of things.  So I’ll be listing the top 3 task management or to-do list apps for Android

Can You Dump Those Business Cards?

We’ve all been there…with a potential client and we go to pull out a business card and….nothing.  “I’m sorry, I’m all out of cards…let me write my number down on this napkin”.  I think we all know that most of the time that napkin ends up in the trash before we’re to our car.