3 To-Do Apps With Web Versions

I love mobile apps.  That should be obvious to anyone who reads this site.  I think mobile devices and the apps that run on them have the ability to change the way we live our lives in a positive (and negative) way.  But when it comes to productivity apps I always try to find apps

Everest App Review


What goals or resolutions did you make this past January 1st?  Most of us have things we want to accomplish in life.  These goals can be business or personal in nature.  I have both types of goals I’m working towards at the moment.  So today I’m looking at Everest for iOS.  Everest lets you define

SkyDrive for Windows Phone

There are many cloud storage services on the market today.  If you read this blog very often then you know that I am a big fan of Dropbox.  But there’s also Sugarsync, Google Drive, and many others.  Today I’m looking at SkyDrive for Windows Phone.  SkyDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage offering and gives you 7GB

AirScan Mobile App Review

airscan mobile

Until not so long ago, the act of scanning a document could serve to be one laborious task. However, with the emergence of mobile applications, a new solution for daily office activities, AirScan Mobile, eliminates the need for large, bulky scanners or multi-functional printers with scanning capabilities. However, just as it is in the case

Todoist: Productivity Done Right


A major theme of this site is productivity.  As a small business owner and consultant, time is critical for me in many ways.  So any app that can help me be more productive is worth it’s weight in gold.  There are many task management/to do list apps out there but many of them fall short

SharpScan Free Version for iPhone [Press Release]


It’s always handy to have the ability to scan documents on the go.  Without carrying around a mobile scanner, you have the option of using your smartphone.  Here is a press release regarding the release of a free version of SharpScan for iPhone. Pixelnetica, an established leader in mobile computer vision application development, is pleased

Black and White Scanner for iOS

If you’ve ever tried the various mobile document scanning apps out there you probably have mixed results.  I’ve tried some great apps and I’ve tried some terrible ones.  But today I’m looking at an app for iOS called Black and White Scanner from Tipirneni Software.  The name pretty much describes it.  Black and White Scanner

3 Android Time Tracking Apps

android time tracking

I think anyone who reads my posts knows that I tend to cater to consultants and freelancers.  The reason for this is that I created this site because, as a consultant, I had trouble finding apps that helped me with my business.  One topic that I was always looking into was Android Time Tracking apps.