5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

  Unfortunately, the reality of life is that you only have so much time to accomplish what you want done. This means that there are a lot of things that you may be wasting time on in your life that are detracting from making you as productive as you could be. Fortunately, there are a

Evernote Business – A Smarter Workplace

evernote business

Evernote is a great productivity tool that many people swear by.  But what about using Evernote in your business environment?  For that we have Evernote Business.  Evernote Business includes all the features of Evernote standard and Evernote Premium and adds special business tools. Evernote Business Advantages Business Library The business library is a central repository

Billings Touch for iPhone

I’ve decided to revisit my time tracking apps that I use.  Today I’m looking at a new one.  Billings Touch is a time tracking and invoicing app for iPhone.  You can use Billings Touch as a standalone app or in conjunction with Billings for Mac.  Since I don’t have a Mac, I’ll have to try

Google Keep Released

google keep

I’m not sure how long Google Keep has been around…I personally had never heard of it.  But now we have the official release and people are talking about it.  I keep hear people comparing Google Keep with Evernote.  I decided to look at it to see how they compared. Google Keep works great…at least the

Quick List for iPad

quick list

I’m a big list maker.  I find it the easiest way to get myself and my team organized.  Let’s list our goals, our objectives, our resources, our lunch requests….you get the point. So today I’m going to take a quick look at Quick List for iPad.  Quick List is a simple list making application.  

5 On The Go Apps For Your Business

In the 21st century running a business is all about making the best use out of the technology available. If you have iPads and iPhones on hand, why not download some apps that will optimize productivity and really help your company keep up with the fast pace of the business world today? It’s too easy.

Get Organized with TimeAct Task Manager


Today we have yet another entry into the task manager/todo list category.  I’m sure we all have our favorites but here at Small Biz Dad we are always open to new suggestions. Managing your tasks and your time is of critical importance for any business person and especially for a consultant or freelancer.  Your time

Astrid Premium Task Manager


I have a great affinity to task management apps for my smartphone.   I feel they are great for keeping my business and personal life organized.   As such, I am not very loyal….I try different apps all of the time.  However, I’ve been using Astrid for quite a while now and like it very

3 Great iPad Calendar Apps

For those of us who use our iPads for more than Netflix, we are always on the lookout for productivity apps that will help us stay organized and accomplish more.  Finding a good iPad calendar app is essential.  There are many to choose from Here are 3 iPad Calendar apps that are worth looking into.