What Happens When You Hurt A Customer?

There are very few things business owners dread more than hurting one of their customers. With the way that word spreads amongst consumers, having someone get injured in your shop or by a product which you sell will be terrifying, and could have a serious impact on your company. What exactly happens when someone gets

The Hidden Risks Of Being Injured At Work

The most obvious and immediate risks of a workplace accident or injury are those to your health and safety. However, your troubles might not end even once you’re out of the hospital. Here, we’re going to look at some of the deeper and longer-lasting impacts that you should be prepared for in the event you

Handy Must Haves for Every Novel Business Owner

Finding another way to earn money for your family has always been high on your priority list. Not only do you want to secure their financial future, but your business idea is bound to keep you busy. With so many small businesses out there you are quite unsure where to begin; you don’t want to

Who Are The Guardians Of Your Business’ Reputation?

The world of small business is enormously liberating. But it can also be fiercely competitive. In an era where consumers are getting more and more fickle, most small businesses know that they can never afford to rest on their laurels. They must constantly strive for innovation, must never cease in their relentless pursuit of quality.

Startup Ideas For Anyone That Likes To Keep Busy

If you’ve been toying with the idea of starting a business for a while but are yet to take the leap, you might now be thinking about what type of business you would like to start. You may have a range of ideas that you’ve been considering for a while or you may not be

How a Car Can Profit Your Small Business

Sure, public transport may be a great means of getting from A to B. But when you have your own business, you can greatly benefit from the independence, increased space, and increased freedom that come hand in hand with owning your own business vehicle. Here are just a few different ways that a car can

How To Fall Back In Love With Your Business

It’s all there in that first flush of excitement – the moment you fall in love with your business, overflowing with new ideas, passion for what you do and unbridled enthusiasm. This precious feeling is what spurs many entrepreneurs on to success. However, it’s equally common to lose that spark. As day-to-day processes, admin busywork

Staying Ahead Of The Game In Business

The world of business is evolving and changing all the time. To succeed, you not only have to be able to move with the times. You also have to be aware of how to stay ahead of the game. It’s not enough to be a follower. To make it to the big time, it pays

A Professionalism Primer For Small Businesses

Being professional isn’t just for the big guys. In fact, it is a vital element of any small business’s success. Luckily, you can get some detailed advice on how to present in the most professional way below, whether you are a company of 10 or a one-person operation. Appearance While it may seem like the

How to Start Up Your Office On a Budget

Whether you are starting a call center, a marketing agency, or a consultancy business, employing people, setting up your office will cost you. Startups can be expensive, but you cannot establish yourself in the marketplace without having the right infrastructure. Below you will find a few tips on how to save money on establishing your