When Business Togetherness Creates Unexpected Gains


When you think of togetherness, it is likely that you are considering a happy family, sitting together around a large fire and grilling marshmallows – or yummy looking sausages, whatever floats your boat. There is something in the word togetherness that immediately brings to mind the idea of a united family, loving parents with their

Is Your Workplace A Potential Legal War-Zone?

Starting a business of your own is going to bring plenty of challenge. It’s going to measure how well you can gauge the market potential of a product or service and how able you are at fulfilling that potential. But it comes with a lot of responsibilities on top of that. Many of those responsibilities

Your Business Doesn’t Need a Legal Wrangle

legal business law

Have you given much thought to what could happen to your business if you don’t run it in the right way and respect business law? If not, then that has to change. Every business owner must pay attention to legal matters. Bad things will only happen when you fail to take business law into account.

Is Your Business Idea Right For You?

business idea

It’s always a tough one thinking of a good business idea. In fact, entrepreneurs can spend months, if not years working on finding a great idea. But while you might consider lots of factors when thinking of your idea such as money and customers, there’s often something you forget about; and that’s you. After all,

Freeing Your Business From Its Rut

stuck in a rut

When your business finds itself stuck in a rut, it’s easy to think there are no ways to get it out. It’s easy to want to alleviate yourself the stress of having to free it of its rut by giving up with it all together. But before you find yourself taking that drastic measure, try

4 Situations To Consider When You Have A Team

There’s nothing like starting your own business. All entrepreneurs remember that exhilarating sense of freedom they first felt: Not only don’t you have a boss anymore, but you are the one who can decide about everything. Additionally, deciding is not the only thing that an entrepreneur can do. You can prove to the world that

Balancing Small Business and A Sick Child

balance small business sick child

It’s never easy balancing work and family life as a small business owner.  This becomes even more true when you work a full time job and have a small business on the side.  You must take care of your day job because that pays the mortgage and you must also keep your clients happy from

Find Wholesale Sources For Your Small Business

What type of small business do you run (or want to run)?  Consultant, freelancer, professional services, or retail.  If you are selling retail, either online or a brick and mortar store, then you need products to sell.  Now, you could produce your own products and sell them.  But it that’s not an option then you

5 Essential Website Components for Your Startup

Looking to start a top notch website?  Feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start?  Do you know what components are essential for startup websites? Creating a new website may seem like a challenge, but rest assured with these five essential website components, your site will be all you hoped and more. I’ve compiled a

Small Business Saturday – You Should Care

small business saturday

What is Small Business Saturday?  Think of it as Black Friday’s awkward cousin.  You see, we are rapidly approaching that dreaded day.  You husbands out there know what day I’m talking about.  It’s when your wives (or maybe you) actually look forward to waking up at 3am to go stand in line at some huge