Downsizing Your Business Doesn’t Make It Smaller


From the moment it launches, everyone has big plans for their businesses. They want to move from a tiny home office to a large one at the top of a corporate building. They want to increase their client base, their profits, and get to a point where they can pay someone else to run things for them. Growing your business is a natural goal to aim for, but sometimes they don’t pay off.

A bigger company means more employees to oversee, less one-on-one time with customers, and a growing list of responsibilities. Sometimes a company can fail because your initial plans got lost in a sea of profits and bottom lines. But you don’t have to start all over again. Downsizing can sometimes be the best thing for your company, and here’s how you can do it without actually making it smaller.

Move Out Of The Big Office

Whether you take a few employees and move them into smaller premises, or you tell everyone to just work from their home office, moving out of a big office can be such a relief. You’re no longer responsible for paying rent or any bills to keep the building operational. Almost immediately, this can increase your profits and allow your employees to get a nice pay raise. If you feel it would be best to have a company office anyway, then you can hire Jayde transport to move your office supplies into storage until you find something appropriate. In the meantime, you should encourage your employees to telecommute so that the company goals don’t suffer, and no one misses out on earning their paycheck.  

Get Rid Of Dead Weight

Bigger companies sometimes allow slackers to slide under the radar, or ride the coattails of their more successful colleagues. It’s not necessarily due to lack of motivation, but because it’s difficult to stand out and feel valued at a big company, therefore some just stop trying. Downsizing means that you can let go of some of the dead weight, and allow the more capable employees to pick up any slack and get on with their jobs.

Ultimately, the same amount of work will get done, but you’re not paying someone to be there when they don’t really want to be. As long as you give everyone a good severance, and plenty of time to find a new job, everyone will end up exactly where they need to be.

Refocus Your Goals

It’s easy to lose sight of your original goals when you suddenly have so many things to consider. Downsizing lets you unload some of the unnecessary concerns and gives you time to think about your original goals, and refocus them as necessary. Once you’ve let go of the dead weight, you can collaborate with your remaining managers, supervisors, and entry level employees to figure out what was working in the old system, and what needs to be improved going forward.

Downsizing doesn’t mean your business is getting smaller. It just gives it more room to grow.



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