Dress More Professional With These 5 Tricks


When putting our trust in a company, appearance matters. Someone who dresses the part can persuade us that they’re credible and professional. By making a few small alterations to your workwear you could build clients’ trust more and come across more persuasive – useful in businesses where you may need to often sell yourself. Here are five such tricks to try out.

Polish Your Shoes

Shiny shoes are still something that many employers look for in interviews. They show people that you’re organised and that you go the extra mile to make an impact – shining your shoes each morning takes time and requires commitment. Clients in business to business trades are certain to notice shiny shoes. Buy yourself some shoe polish and keep that footwear buffed up.

Wear A Watch

Wearing a watch tells people that you’re time-conscious. It can make you appear more organised and punctual – even if in fact you aren’t either of these things. You don’t need to blow out on a fancy watch as most people won’t know the difference. Stick to a classic design and shop second-hand to save money.

Get A Name Badge

Name badges can also help to add a sense of professionalism in jobs where you may have to deal with clients. By proudly displaying your name, a badge can build trust in clients by suggesting that you are who you say you are. It can also serve as a useful point of reference for clients. They may have talked to you on the phone and then may be able to identify you more clearly in person. It may simply help clients to remember your name, saving any embarrassing awkwardness on their part.

Bring A Brolly

If you have to meet clients looking like a drowned rat, it can damage your reputation by making your look disorganized. In case of surprise showers, it’s useful to carry an umbrella around with you. This can help you to stay dry on the move and allow you to arrive at meetings still looking smart.

Use Colour Psychology

The colours you choose to dress in can also make an impression on clients. Suiting your wardrobe to your purpose could have an effect on your success with clients. Black is an authoritative colour that is commonplace in many business to business trades. It shows professionalism and confidence, although may come across a little conservative in fun and creative trades. Blue is a calming colour and can be great for gaining trust – it’s good for consulting roles. Red on the other hand is more aggressive and energising – it’s better for maintaining attention whilst speaking in public or for situations where you may need to negotiate.

Opinions may be divided on colours like pink and purple, although you may be able to get away with them more in fun and creative environments. Consider using a few of these colours in your work wardrobe and see what impact it has.


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