Google Acquires Quickoffice


Google Acquires Quickoffice

Google has gone into it’s very deep pockets yet again and this time has purchased mobile office suite Quickoffice.  Quickoffice has a large user base and is on Android phones, iPhone, Android Tablets, iPad,  and Symbian.

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Quickoffice allows users to work with Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on their mobile device, as well as work with PDF files.

With the acquisition of Quickoffice, Google is in a position to be even more competitive with Microsoft on the mobile office suite front.  We’ll wait to see how they choose to integrate with Google Drive and Google Docs.

We will have to wait and see what Google will do with their purchase.  Will they make drastic changes or maintain the status quo.

Check out the articles below for more info on Quickoffice.

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