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Have you ever heard of the famous saying about how a dog is for life, not just for Christmas? Well the same can be applied for business. From around October onwards you’ll begin to notice a steady increase in the amount of customers that purchase products from your website. This isn’t because you’re doing something different, it’s because they simply need what you’re offering at the time. So how keep your customers happy all year round to ensure they don’t just show their faces at the busiest time of year? Well, this article is going to give you some tips.

Interact With Them

As a business owner, you’re most likely going to be taking a bit of a back seat when it comes to the running of a business. As soon as you hire employees your customer interaction will drop massively. But seeing the head of the company on the shop floor, or answering emails or phone calls really does make customer happy. They then won’t feel like they’ve been palmed off onto someone else. If you’re dealing with issues it’ll give them a lot more confidence in the company, and you’re more likely to be able to resolve their issues in the way that they want.

Keep Them

To keep them happy, you first need to keep them. As Jake Rheude explains in his article, it is easy for customers just to become seasonal. This couldn’t be more true in the run up to Christmas. People try you for the first time as the season starts, but as soon as they have the gifts they need they seem to forget about you, especially if you’re a small business.

But this flurry of business is your time to make a lasting impression. Sell your highest quality products, and treat each new customer to an introductory offer such as a buy one get one free. Even if a new customer doesn’t come around the Christmas season, this technique could still be really effective in making long term customers.

Market Your Products

To keep them happy, they first need to know what you’re selling. Without the correct marketing techniques, this just isn’t going to happen. If you don’t already understand the importance of marketing yourself, and your products, then you need to start doing some research. When marketing, you need to sell yourself in the best possible light. If you’ve got some good customer reviews, display them on an easy to see part of your website. You also need to include them on every part of your marketing campaigns.

People need to see that you’re a trusted company in order to want to use you. A great way to market your products is by giving out free trials or testers. Granted, for some people it might just be a little freebie and they’ll never use you again. For others, it’ll be the nudge they needed to try your company. It’s a slightly different form of marketing, but it is really effective. If you want to get yourself noticed quickly, you should definitely look into social media marketing.



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