How You Could Make Money Online As A Personal Trainer


Fitness is always a hot topic on the Internet. People are always wanting to get in shape and shift a few pounds because there is always an event to get slim for, whether it be holidays, parties or Christmas. Previously people would go to a slimming club, exercise class or maybe put on a Jillian Michael’s DVD. Nowadays people are turning to the internet. Online fitness training is bang on trend right now. In our modern world we are all time poor and that means  we have to try and squeeze exercise into our already busy days. The internet and online personal training allows us to do this. We all have the internet on our phone and this means that we can access our personal training when we are on lunch, at work,  or when we are cooking the children a meal.

If you are a qualified personal trainer then setting up your own online business could be a great way of earning you some money. It would also mean that you could kiss goodbye to those boot camp sessions in the rain, now you come indoors and enjoy the warmth! However, before you say goodbye to those boot camps, you need to check that you have what it takes to set up a fitness website.

Online fitness is extremely popular and it is important that you make your website stand-out from all of the other fitness websites. You need to be building your online presence and there are many ways that you can do that.


Look at other online fitness businesses. What are they offering? What are they charging? Could you match them on price? If they are offering straight personal training could you go one better? Perhaps you could include a meal plan.

How To Attract Clients

You need to make sure that you have a good website that is clear and easy to navigate. You can build a website really easily using WordPress. You can then purchase a theme that reflects your business and gets your website looking just how you want it. However, people aren’t going to come to you.

There are so many websites out there and you need to make yours stand out. A healthcare marketing agency will be able to help you market your business and show people why they should love you. A marketing agency will come up with a business strategy and help you with your branding. They will have your business flying in no time, leaving you to focus on your personal training.

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How To Make Sure People Buy Into Your Personal Training.

You want people to spread the word about how great your new personal training business is. You need to get people on board, fast! How can you do that? We are all hesitant about parting with our hard earned cash. We certainly don’t want to buy something we can’t see.

Therefore, how are you going to persuade them to invest in your personal training if they can’t see it? This is where you could offer them a free trial, or a heavily discounted trial. You could also offer them an incentive for referring friends to your business .

Be Consistent

You need to make sure that you are offering all of your clients a consistently good service. This means that they will remain loyal to you. They will also spread the word about you and your fantastic new business!

Many people are turning to online personal trainers nowadays and if you are qualified then you could cash in. Get online and get motivating. Good luck!


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