LinkedIn for Android


So, are you on LinkedIn?  LinkedIn has become THE social network for professionals to network, find new jobs,  and to recruit that perfect new hire.   The benefit of LinkedIn is that it is free from the cat pictures and game requests of Facebook.  LinkedIn has many benefits for professionals: recommendations from clients/partners,  interest specific

Quick Tip: Beware the Widgets


Hi, this is a new type of post that we are going to test out.  We will give you a quick little tip on using your phone, tablet, or app.  I’m not sure how this will be received…it may not last very long but we’ll give it a shot. Today we’re talking about widgets for

Quick List for iPad

quick list

I’m a big list maker.  I find it the easiest way to get myself and my team organized.  Let’s list our goals, our objectives, our resources, our lunch requests….you get the point. So today I’m going to take a quick look at Quick List for iPad.  Quick List is a simple list making application.