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Apple has launched PassBook with iOS6.  PassBook is basically Apple’s version of the digital wallet on steroids.  You can keep coupons, store cards, rewards, travel tickets, etc in your PassBook.

In order to make use of PassBook, businesses must create Passes.  That’s where today’s app comes in PassMaker Pro allows you to create Event passes, Store Card passes, Travel passes, Coupon passes, and generic passes for PassBook.

I can see this being ideal for a small business who wants to start offering store cards or coupons to their customers.  PassMaker Pro allows you to generate these passes and email them to your customer or post it to social media.  So you can use PassMaker Pro to generate a coupon and post it to your Facebook page for your customers to download.

Here are PassMaker Pro’s Features:

✓ 5 different Pass types available to create, Travel, Store, Event, Generic and Coupon
✓ Over 1 Million different Pass Combinations
✓ Compatible with the Passbook App
✓ Distribute directly to your customers from within the App
✓ Add different field types such as Logos, Text, Strip Images, Barcodes and Thumbnail Images
✓ Choose one of the 48 different Pass Icons & Logos
✓ Pick from 14 different Thumbnail Images for use with the Event & Generic passes
✓ Pick from 6 different Strip images for use with the Store Card & Coupon passes
✓ Plus many more features coming soon in the next version

PassMaker Pro works fairly intuitively and I was able to generate a few test passes and send them via email and post them online.   I had some issues at first with generating passes but I contacted the developer and he quickly responded.   Turns out that I needed to be online in order for the passes to be created.  It was an easy fix and I was impressed at how quickly the developer responded.

If you have a small business and want to offer passes then PassMaker Pro may be your best way to dip your toes in the water.

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