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When Google bought Quickoffice I know it was a matter of time before they began integrating it with Google Drive.   They have now released Quickoffice free for Google Apps for Business users.  Surely this is in response to the fact that Google Docs does not play well with Microsoft Office documents which business users are heavily ingrained with.

Quickoffice will provide business users with seamless integration with Office documents.  This will let them store their documents in their Google Drive.  My guess is that, as time goes on, Google will further integrate the products.

One note here, you have to be a user of the paid Google Apps for Business and not the old free version.

Google Apps for Business can already edit Microsoft Office files using Quickoffice on an iPad, and starting today they can do the same on iPhone and Android devices. From Word to Excel to Powerpoint, you can make quick edits at the airport or from the back of a taxi and save and share everything in Google Drive.
In addition to bringing Quickoffice to new devices, it’s also now easier to find and use your Drive files from within the Quickoffice app. Sign in with your Google Apps for Business account and your Drive folders view will now include Shared With Me, Starred, Recent and any subfolders.


Here is the original article from the Google Blog.


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