Save Your Emails From The Trash Folder With These Newsletter Bulletins


Most business advice emphasises the importance of email newsletters. Unlike the general approach of social media, this is your chance to hop right into customer’s inboxes. As such, you don’t need to wait for them to come to you. Once you have their email address, you can remind them who you are at the click of a button.

But, while there are many articles about how and why you should set up an email list, there’s little information out there relating to content. For the most part, this is because it varies. No one can tell you what to put in your emails because no one knows your business. But, some pointers are relevant to any company. And, they could mean the difference between selling, and going in the trash folder. We’re going to look at a few of them here.

A Cracking Title

Too often, we forget the importance of a good title. You can’t afford to make that mistake with your newsletter. This is how you’ll crack your audience. Do some research on clickbait titles. No one can resist clicking on an effective click bait option. Such titles play on curiosity and draw us in with little effort. Bear in mind that your title doesn’t have to be directly related to your content.

If you’re advertising for a sale, for example, a ‘Click here to get 40%  off selected items’ title wouldn’t sell it. By comparison, something like, ‘You’ll never believe what we’ve gone and done,’ will pique consumer interest. And, getting them to open that email will win you half the battle.

The Power Of Design

Once they do open the thing, of course, you’ll need to ensure you can keep them there. And, you can do that by considering the first thing they’ll see. The design of your email is crucial. You need to make sure it’s appealing. Otherwise, why would customers waste their time?

If your design is a mess or doesn’t catch the eye, they’ll click off in no time. Instead, consider something eye catching and colorful. If in doubt, you could always entrust the job to a digital marketing agency like Next Level who have experience with designs like these. If you feel up to the job, though, a quick online search will show you all the design secrets you need.

Content To Put A Smile On Their Faces

And, we couldn’t write this post without mentioning content. While the above factors draw your customer in, good content will keep them reading and seal the deal. So, it has to be interesting! Again, go for a roundabout angle here. Opening with an interesting fact, or a joke, will serve you well. Then, you can get around to the marketing stuff at the end of the email. After all, you want to develop a relationship with your readers. It won’t go far if they feel like you’re just trying to sell them stuff. You are, of course, but you can’t let them know it!


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