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If you travel for work, then you know how tough it can be when you can’t fall asleep.  I was recently working away from home and in a hotel where it was entirely too quiet.  The air conditioner usually makes enough noise for me to sleep…but this hotel had a silent AC.  That was tough for me.  I wish that I had Sleep Application available to me then.

Sleep Application for iPhone is one of the most popular paid apps in Japan and now they are set out to conquer the US app store.   The user interface needs some polish but let’s be honest…if this app works you won’t be looking at it at all.

Sleep Application works using binaural beat technology.  In a nutshell, this the theory is that if you play a separate frequency in each ear the brain reacts by creating it’s own frequency in the middle.  Depending on the frequency difference, you can induce the brain into different “moods”.   A popular use for this theory is relaxation and sleep.

You have four different modes to choose from: Relaxation, Sleep, Concentration, and Memory.  So depending on what you want to do, the effect will be different.

Personally I don’t really care how it works…as long as it does.  There is a wide range of sounds to choose from.  You can select various nature sounds…I like the rainfall sounds personally.  You can also listen to classical music.  I tried the music out last night and I was dozing in just a couple of minutes.  So I don’t know if it was the binaural beats or if I was just tired…but it did relax me and had me ready for sleep.

Sleep Application Features

  • More than 60 background sounds
  • Utilizes Binaural beats
  • Use presets to save favorite settings
  • Four modes – Sleep, Relaxation, Concentration and Memory
  • Easily change strength of effect, pitch, volume and playtime


sleep application sleep application sleep application


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