Surprising Your Better Half During The Holidays

As a busy dad; you’re probably rushed off your feet at this time of year, trying to navigate work and family life as the holidays get into full swing. There is so much to do and plan for regarding visiting relatives, having loved ones to stay, and budgeted for the most expensive time of the year. You’ll want to head into 2018 with as little stress as possible, even if you are tightening your wallet for the first few weeks. However, if you’ve got a great wife or partner; you’ll want to ensure that your teammate feels appreciated and that you’ve thanked them for all their hard work and dedication to you and the family. Your other half will probably also be rushed off their feet at this time of year, so making them feel special will be a thoughtful treat and a (much-needed) boost over Christmas.

Aside from picking up what they’ve already asked for; a surprise or two over the holidays is a great gift for anyone, so make sure you put effort into your partner and bring a huge smile to their face. It’s not all about overly grand or expensive gestures; it’s more about your time and thought process that will really impact your loved one’s holiday season. The following are some ideas, inspiration, and advice for busy dads who still want to show their other (sometimes better) halves just how much they mean to them and the rest of the family.

A Surprise Delivery

Classic gifts are called classics for a reason; they never go out of favor, and the recipient will always appreciate getting them. Therefore, don’t dismiss things like your other half’s favorite flowers or chocolates, and surprise them at an unexpected moment with a special delivery. You can get great deals online, like a 20% off BloomNation coupon code and plan your surprise to happen when they least expect it.

Perhaps your wife would appreciate a bunch of blooms delivered to her office, or maybe you send some as a thank you between Christmas and New Year for all their hard work and the effort that goes into the family. Wherever and whenever the surprise happens; it’s something they’ll remember for years to come, and you’ll feel great too.

A Kids-Free Getaway

Whether it’s a date night or a mini break without the kids; having some time away together where you’re not running around after the little ones is great for your relationship. Therefore, you can surprise your other half with tickets, or a description of what you’ve planned so that they have something special to look forward to in the new year. Check out Pinterest for some date night ideas and start planning as soon as possible.

Dinner and Drinks at Home

If you know that money is and will be, tight for the foreseeable future, especially after the holidays; plan an evening where the kids go to the grandparents, and you’re in charge of creating a date night at home. Cook dinner, open a bottle of fizz, and put some music on; try to keep it a surprise for your partner, and they’ll appreciate your time and effort, not to mention the chance to relax and unwind.

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