Questions to Ask Yourself When Deciding Whether to Outsource

Deciding whether to outsource a part of your business is a big decision. After all, this means relinquishing some degree of control, and this is often difficult for most business owners. Moreover, outsourcing isn’t always the right choice. Sometimes it is better to keep certain elements. So, how do you make up your mind? Ask

3 Options when You Can’t Afford To Outsource

In business, knowing what you don’t know is a valuable skill. When you are aware that you have gaps in your knowledge, you can take the steps you need to ensure that the issue is addressed– and thus your business stands the best chance of succeeding. It is widely accepted that when you encounter an

When Outsourcing, Four Is The Magic Number

To have gotten to this stage – by which we mean, reading this blog – you will have no doubt endured months and months of research, planning, and preparation, finally coming to one giant conclusion: starting a business is way hard. The good news is, your research, planning, and prep is correct. It is. It

Infographic: Online Outsourcing Platforms

online outsourcing services

There are a few big outsourcing services online today.  Personally I have used Elance several times with mixed results.  Outsourcing services are potentially great for small businesses since they can get many services at very competitive prices. For consultants and freelancers, outsourcing sites opens up the potential to increase your client base…however the amount of