Top Ways To Gain Loyal Followers On Your Blog


Whether you are a full-time blogger, or use a blog as part of the marketing strategy for your business, having a loyal and ever-growing following is integral to its success. Here are some tips on how you can help to grow your fanbase to ensure your business stands out from your competitors.  

Growth In Footfall

You may already have a substantial following, or are just starting out and haven’t picked up traction yet – either way, how to grow your demographic should always be at the forefront of your mind. Maintaining customer interest and keeping track of how many new people view your blog each day is essential. Turning those potential “by-chance” views into returning viewers is the number one way of growth. Of course, how successful this process is depends on how many new people you have clicking onto your blog each day.

There are two main ways in which you can ensure your footfall number grows and stays high. One is to make sure you are coming out on top of all internet server searches. Companies such as “180fushion” provide a consultation on optimizing your content and search rankings. If you want to find out more about the service they offer just click! The other way in which you can reach people is through Social Media – this is explained below.

Social Media

Having a professional social media page on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, where you can build up a relationship with your followers and share new content, is essential to maintaining your fan base. It is also, as mentioned previously, one of the main ways you can increase footfall to your website each day.

Getting your followers to share your blog through either a promotional competition or giveaway could see your blog gaining an impressive amount of traffic overnight, without putting in the tireless hours. It not only rewards your followers who are supporting you on your journey but attracts new viewers, as everyone loves a good freebie.

Social media also opens the gateway to communication, meaning you can find out your followers like and dislikes, and specialise your content to suit their desires. This could lead to new ideas and opportunities for you and your blog, and help to make your followers feel their opinions and support are valued and integral to your blog success.   

Specialise Your Niche

Contrary to popular belief, harbouring a target audience through having a particular branding or niche that you specialise in will help to gain loyal followers. Like the old saying “jack of all trades, master of none” you want to make sure your content is informative, well researched and relatable. This doesn’t mean your blog can only specialise in one thing, but you will need a specific umbrella that your different sectors fall under.

For example – a lifestyle blog can cover anything from family to home decor, but your marketing will need to cater to the overall theme of your blog in order to increase relevant footfall. You will need to advertise in a way that is specific to your content, yet broad enough to encapsulate all the subgenres you may cover.


Hopefully, this has given you a few ideas on how you can increase your loyal following, and help your blog to have a very successful 2018!


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