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It is easily the most sought after type of app, one that can take a normal check box to do list and make it a fluid, living document able to reach those that it needs regarding what it needs in real-time. For years it was thought that this type of technology could only exist in some Jetsonian futurescape. That is, until the folks at Trello decided the future needed to be brought about now.

Trello begins organizing your to-do lists by first separating task categories into items called ‘Boards’. The boards act as directories, more or less, to be filled with the more specific tasks a project or plan is in need of. These tasks are then arrayed as ‘Cards’ within the ‘Boards’, cards are the items you want to have completed and can be edited to include details, checklists or due dates. Once these cards are set you can edit them with time stamps, add itinerary items, and pretty much organize anything however you would want, even color codes are available for various levels or statuses of tasks.

While this method of organization isn’t hard to imagine, or even employ outside of the software, the real beauty of Trello is how it can incorporate all the people involved in your projects. You can choose to grant authorization to specific people for the specific ‘Card’ tasks. This allows everyone involved in a project to be kept up-to-date with the latest developments and respond to them in real time; they even allow voting on ideas presented on shared cards. This ability to keep select people involved on select cards is incredibly useful for purposes of efficiency. Our company uses this software to keep dispatchers up-to-date with the real time moves of drivers in the field. Plus by only adding certain drivers to certain cards, it keeps the driver’s display from cluttering up with needless tasks that only correspond to other drivers. This type of simplicity allows for quick passage of information through a central logistical board, a major convenience.

Trello is perfect for both the business and personal world. Anyone can communicate tasks to others through this software and even add a few widgets as well to keep the organization further condensed. From personal grocery lists to integrated project management Trello provides exactly what you want without over complicating the matter. As someone who has used this with striking success, I highly recommend it.

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Thomas Farley is the marketing manager of WNY Dumpster in Buffalo, NY. He has been working with online commerce for over 6 years. You can find him on Twitter @nerf_mittens.


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  1. Trello is a good software but I have one more better option i.e . It has various features like labels, sub tasks, proofing that are missing in trello. It is also cheaper than trello.

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