Who Wants A Donkey Ride? (For Mother’s Day)


This is going to be a short post but the story was too funny not to tell.

I took my two boys (10 & 5) to Walmart the Saturday morning before Mother’s Day to get something for my wife (their mom) and to let her sleep in.  Because let’s face it, you can’t sleep with 10 and 5 yr old boys in the house.  They are loud just sitting there.

So we arrived at Walmart and the first question was “Can we look at the toys?”.  I then explained that we were there for mom…not them and not me.  We had a mission and it was to find mom a  couple of cards and a couple of gifts.  My 10 yr old promptly found a candle that my wife told him she wanted.  That was super quick and I was excited.

We then continued to look around the store and found a few more small items for my wife.  We then picked up a very nice vase and some fresh flowers.  I decided to give those to her when we got home as an early Mother’s Day gift.

So we get home and my wife is having her morning coffee.  I proceed to the back room to hide the gifts and my 5 yr old sits on the sofa beside his mom.  Here’s the conversation that ensued:

Mom: What did you buy me at Walmart?

5 yr old: I’m not going to tell you….but we DID NOT get you a donkey ride!!

Mom: Um, you didn’t get me a donkey ride?

5 yr old: Yes, because I KNOW you don’t like donkey rides.

When my wife told me about this conversation I was baffled.  I have no idea where the idea of a donkey ride came from.  Is that even a thing you can buy someone?  Anyway, my wife was happy that there was not a donkey ride on Mother’s Day.

Where did the donkey ride idea come from?  I have no idea.



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  1. LOL….a donkey ride??? Kids are amazingly cute…I wonder if he was trying to refer to something else,and he interpreted it as a donkey ride. I’m surprised he kept the secret, my nephew either bursts at the seams to tell someone their gift, or gives ‘clues’ that do everything but say the gift by name.

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