Protect Your Crucial Data with Passwords Plus

Raise your hands if you use pretty much the same password for all of your online accounts and maybe even your computer accounts.  That seems to be the norm for many business users who have to remember a lot of passwords and accounts.   Let’s not even mention the post it notes that have important

Square Adds Admin Accounts and Permissions

Square Gets Admin Access For those of you who don’t know (and seriously where have you been?), Square is a mobile payment processor which includes a mobile card reader.  Square allows you to process credit and debit cards on the go and have the funds deposited into your bank account.  Square beats traditional merchant accounts

Manage Your Social Presence with Hootsuite

Hootsuite for Business Users I don’t think anyone really knew back in 2006 the kind of impact Twitter would have on the world.  But here we are in 2o12 and most businesses have at least one twitter account.  And virtually any business which is in touch with younger generations have a heavy Twitter presence.  There

Manage Your Workforce with Google Maps Coordinate

Last week Google unveiled a new enterprise workforce management solution called Google Maps Coordinate.  The service allows companies to manage and direct their employees out in the field.  The system works by installing an app on the employee smart phone.  The managers can then use the smartphone app or a web version to direct the

Any.Do:A Stylish Way To Get Things Done

A few posts back I looked at what I thought were the top 3 task management apps for Android.  There are quite a few of them out there but, in my opinion, Any.Do is the top choice.   Why is it so useful?  If you are freelancer, consultant, or small business owner then you likely

Business Travelers Addicted to SmartPhones?

PC Housing has published stats that show most business travelers are more and more dependent on their smartphones.    I can say from personal experience that my smartphone has not tied me to work but has given me freedom to get away from the office.  Now I can go to my kid’s baseball games and

SAP Business One for iPhone Video

SAP Business One is an ERP solution geared toward small business’s.  Business One helps manage every facet of your business from customer relationships to financial management and operations. The iPhone application includes the following features: Get alerts on events, like deviations of approved prices, credit limits, or targeted gross profits Visualize key information about your

Dropbox: More Than Just Online Storage

There is no doubt that Dropbox is one of the most useful tools out there and with mobile versions for Android, Blackberry and iOS you can bet that having it on your mobile is a must.   Pretty much any type of user can find a need for Dropbox.   It can be used for

GTasks: Task Management Synced or Offline

GTasks was the #3 app on our list of task management apps for Android.  GTasks lets you sync your to do list with your Google Tasks account or you can not use a Google account and just use the app in offline mode.    Beyond syncing, GTasks allows you to organize your tasks and keep

Top 3 Task Management Apps for Android

In terms of business apps, I believe task management to be the most useful category for mobile devices.  The ability to add to-do’s and mark things done in the field are vital when trying to stay on top of things.  So I’ll be listing the top 3 task management or to-do list apps for Android