iPhone Care Pro Review

iphone care pro

My son received an iPod Touch for his birthday recently and my daughter has an iPhone.  I am personally an Android guy so helping them with their iOS issues is not an easy task.  Therefore, I am always on the lookout for third party tools that help me fix problems with their devices. That’s where

Glory Days by Max Lucado Review

glory days review

I recently received an advance copy of Max Lucado’s new book Glory Days to review.    The description states “Living Your Promised Land Life Now”.   Max Lucado is a very successful author and preacher.  More than 120 million people have read the many books he has had published.  Max is the preacher at Oak

Book Review: Never Say No – Raising Big Picture Kids

Raising kids is the hardest job in the world.  I mean, it’s harder than doing a spacewalk outside of the international space station while a meteor storm is flying past you….with an angry beaver in your space suit.  Well maybe I am being a bit humorous here but you get my point.  Being a parent is

Schedule Social Posts with ViralTag

viraltag discover

We live in a social world.  If you spend any time at all online then you are most certainly on at least one social network.   Do you remember MySpace?  It was THE social network before Facebook came along and became THE NEW network.  Then there is the term “microblogging” and Twitter is the top

An Extra Set of Hands With SnakeClamp

Have you ever needed an extra set of hands?  If you are a small business owner then I’m sure there have been times when you needed one, or two, or a hundred extra hands.  Well, I am looking at a product today that may be just what you’re looking for.  I was contacted by a

Charge Those New Devices in The Car With SmartPhoneAides


It’s a few days after Christmas and my house has a few more electronic devices.  My kids each received tablets from their grandmother.  This is great but it poses a bit of a problem…charging on the go.  I have only one outlet in my car for a car charger.  When you look at three tablets,

Manage Your Business Cards With WorldCard Mobile Phone Kit


If you’ve been reading my site since it was MobileApps4Biz then you know I started this whole “blogging” thing so that I could find apps to help me in my consulting business.  There are so many app review sites out there but it’s hard to find one that focuses on business applications.   Business cards

Fulcrum Gallery Review

fulcrum gallery

Today I’ll be reviewing an online shop that specializes in wall art and home decor.  Fulcrum Gallery features over 20 categories of artwork, accessories, and you can even turn your own photographs into art. I was contacted by Fulcrum Gallery and asked to review their shop.  In exchange they provided one of their products free

ID Card Workshop Review

id card workshop

A couple of years ago I helped a client take their operation from a paper and file based operation to a computer based operation.  When I say paper and file I mean they were still using typewriters and processing membership renewal cards by hand.  When meant updating user data by hand in two different locations

Restaurant Review – Beacon Drive-In

beacon drive-in

I love good old fashioned American food.  Burgers, fries, onion rings, and hot dogs are my definition of American food.   If you are in Spartanburg, SC then you need to visit Beacon Drive In.  The Beacon Drive-In has been around since 1946 and is well known in the south as the place to stop