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Have you ever needed an extra set of hands?  If you are a small business owner then I’m sure there have been times when you needed one, or two, or a hundred extra hands.  Well, I am looking at a product today that may be just what you’re looking for.  I was contacted by a company named SnakeClamp Products and they make products which lend a helping hand.  The folks over at SnakeClamp Products asked me to review one of their products and tell my readers my opinion on it.  I chose to review their iPad & Tablet SnakeClamp.  I’ll get to the review in a minute but here is a brief list of their other products.

  • Camera SnakeClamp – Attach cameras, video cameras, and some webcams
  • eReader SnakeClamp – Attach various sized eReaders
  • iPad & Tablet SnakeClamp – Attach several different sized iPads and tablets
  • Heavy Duty iPad & Tablet SnakeClamp – Suitable for commercial and industrial use
  • Machine Guard SnakeClamp – Worker protection in workshops, industrial, and manufacturing
  • Microphone SnakeClamp – Attach a microphone to various objects
  • SmartPhone SnakeClamp – Generic clamp work with various smartphones
  • Workholding SnakeClamp – Two different clamps to give you a helping hand

iPad & Tablet SnakeClamp

I always seem to have a need to prop up my iPad so I thought this would be the perfect option to review.  I use the iPad in personal and business settings.  Whenever I try a new recipe I use the iPad to display the recipe and at the office I use the iPad to add another screen so I can multi-task.  It’s very helpful to have my email up on my iPad while I have my other work up on my desktop monitors.

The Choices

When you choose your SnakeClamp product you have three choices to make:

  1. The attachment clamp
  2. The flexible or rigid arm
  3. The mounting base

I have an iPad 2 so I chose the iPad 2/3/4 Mount, the 18″ flexible goose neck arm, and the round base.

snakeclampsnakeclamp  snakeclamp

Now, SnakeClamp has several other options but I’ll be focusing on the ones above for this review.  The first thing I noticed when I received the package was the weight.  This isn’t a lightweight product.  I unpacked everything and saw that SnakeClamp Products included everything I needed to assembly my SnakeClamp.

snakeclamp parts

I’m not always the handiest person in the world be even I was able to figure this out and have it assembled in around 2 minutes.  One point to be careful of, the magnet included to add weight to the base is very powerful.  When adding it to the base I made the mistake of letting my finger get between the two…not smart.  In retrospect I should have placed the magnet on the table and placed the base on top of it….lesson learned.

snakeclamp assembled snakeclamp assembled2

I love the flexible arm.  I was able to bend it to any angle I wanted so the iPad was exactly where I needed it.  Also, the base is very sturdy so you don’t have to worry about your full sized tablet tipping it over.

My first test for the iPad & Tablet SnakeClamp was holding my iPad as I cooked a new recipe.  This was awesome and pretty soon my wife realized that she could get used to having the iPad in the kitchen.  I had my recipe and my wife’s dessert recipe pulled up and we were able to leave the iPad on the SnakeClamp and simple toggle back and forth between recipes.

Next I took it to the office.  I pulled up my work email and placed the iPad on the SnakeClamp and placed it on my desk.  The nice this is that I was able to place the base out of the way and bend the flexible arm to put the iPad exactly where I needed it.  This setup made me feel like I had three monitors on my desk instead of two with an iPad that I had to pick up to check my email.

So, I have to say that I highly recommend SnakeClamp Products.  If the quality of this one is indicative of their other products then I would feel comfortable purchasing any of them.  There are many other product options to see so check out there website at for all of the details.

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