Best Apps For Business

apps for business

Technology is taking over the world; there’s no denying it. With most interactions made through social media platforms, online shops becoming the easiest way to shop, and AI reaching unknown limits – it makes sense to utilize what you can in your business. Our phones are full of apps – some of which we probably

Google Now vs Siri vs Cortana

I dream of a future….a future where we have flying cars and hoverboards and where we simply talk to our electronics to make them do things.  Basically….I’m waiting for Star Trek to become real. There won’t be practical flying cars for a while and hoverboards probably will never be here.  But voice commands for your

5 Must Have Gadgets To Work From Home

I have a day job but I also work from home with my consulting job.  There are many distractions and potential problems when you choose to work from home but there are also many tools and gadgets to make things easier for.  I could easily make this a 50 item list but who has time

Valuable Lessons Learned From Dad


This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LessonsFromDad #CollectiveBias Father’s Day is coming up and my dad has been gone for 10 years.  He passed away two days after Father’s day 10 years ago.  Because of this I think about him a lot during this

Five Cool Games for Kids

This is the first article written by my son.  Evan is a great kid and he asked if he could write for my blog every so often.  So this is his first post.  I’m proud of the job he did.  Be on the lookout for future posts from him in our Kids Korner.   —Ben

The Birth of a Website: Crowdsourcing Your Design

I have this great idea for a website…no seriously…IT’S A GREAT IDEA!!! Can’t you tell that I’m a little excited about this?  I would tell you my idea but it’s such a great idea I know someone would steal it.   So, I have my domain name registered and I have my own hosting company.

Review: Screen Time Parental Control for Android

screen time

Oh how I love technology.  I work in the tech field so I am all about smartphones, tablets, laptops, chromebooks, desktops, and servers.   We also know that kids in general love their electronics.  So my kids have their natural love as kids and then they get another dose from me.  My boys received Android

Save Tons on Online Marketing

Small business owners must take advantage of every possible tool at their disposal.  Online marketing is not just an option any longer, it is a necessity.  Small business owners can use online marketing to reach an audience they never would have been able to reach just a few years ago. So, I ran across a

Top 3 Apps For Grocery Shopping

I hate shopping.  I just wanted to get that out there and be upfront and honest.  I didn’t get married until I was in my early thirties so I had plenty of experience doing my own grocery shopping.  Now, I’ll admit that, as a single man, my purchases were a bit simpler than now.