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Technology is taking over the world; there’s no denying it. With most interactions made through social media platforms, online shops becoming the easiest way to shop, and AI reaching unknown limits – it makes sense to utilize what you can in your business.

Our phones are full of apps – some of which we probably don’t use, but they came on the phone, so they must do something, right? So isn’t it time to find the best apps for your business?


Who needs stacks of resumes, or an email box overflowing with applications when you can search at your leisure through the millions of users on sites like Linkedin. Profiles are uploaded, resumes attached and interests linked. You can see who is looking for a job, if they have the experience you want and if they seem like a good fit for your company – without them contacting you at all.


Now you’ve found someone to interview; it’s time for that all important screening process. But why should it take so much time? With apps like ClearStar, you can complete the background check yourself, wherever and whenever you want to – even if it’s outside of office hours.

Project Management

Have multiple people involved with one project? Or you like to be super organized with your own – either way having an app geared towards project management is a must have. Trello allows you to collaborate with others or to plan things for yourself. You can manage multiple projects at once and have everyone connected throughout it all.


When it comes to email marketing, it’s easier to have someone else do it – and it takes time to get it looking great right? Wrong! Well, you can have someone else do it, but apps like Campaign Monitor helps cut the time down, and you can collaborate on ideas easily through this platform.


Generating and sending invoices can be done through – you guessed it – an app. You can set up automatic invoices, notifications, and reminders through apps like KashFlow, and invoice on the go.


An online HR service can save all of your employees time, and help to avoid those forgotten needed days off. By having everyone connected through an app like BambooHR, requests, training, and targets can all be tracked by you remotely. This is an ideal for a smaller business where you don’t have an HR manager.


If you’re a Google-lover, then the G Suite app is something you need on your phone. With all the Google accouterments in one place; docs, hangouts, Gmail and all the rest, everything is linked up and backed up.


As ever, you need a way to talk to your employees – and not with the traditional telephone call. Facebook messenger has long been the app of choice, but with the majority of Facebook profiles have been around since users’ early teenage life, it might not be something you want to be connected with as an employer. Try something like Whatsapp to keep that bit of distance between employer and employee.


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