The New Norm: How Mobile Apps Are Becoming The Best Way To Market Your Business


The digital age has brought upon us many new norms in the way we conduct our business operations. It’s best to take a proactive approach to ensuring you’re squeezing the best value out of this.  While the benefits are innumerable to developing a mobile app for your business, not many businesses do this.

Why Is This?

Well, some business owners are misinformed about the cost. You might have thought in your quieter moments, ‘how much to build an app?’ and then quietly disregarded the idea, thinking that your business isn’t sizable enough to warrant such an investment. You’d be surprised, and you’d also be incorrect. We’d argue you’re looking at it the wrong way. Developing an app for your business now might actually yield you the benefits you’re looking for.

The following list details a number of said benefits.

Always Present

Once the user downloads your app, it is a permanent fixture of their phone unless they delete it. Every time they open their app listings, they will see you. Say you’re a fashion app. Every time they open their phone thinking that they need to update their wardrobe, you will be a handy thumb press away, and your wardrobe catalog will be immediately accessible.

If you’d have told an advertising executive 50 years ago that in the future there would be an advertisement and store brochure that actually allow a consumer to make a purchase without stepping foot into a store, or even stepping forward at all physically, they’d look at you like you were an alien.

Make the most of this modern day superpower, and be ever-present.

Always Notifying

Subtle notifications for great promotions you have on will gently nudge your chosen recipient to check their phone. Notifications are usually always checked out, even if they’re perceived as annoying. Strike this balance well, so you’re not irritating, but gently reminded the customer you exist. This will slowly serve to craft a sense of brand loyalty in your clients.

Always Accessible

Your contact information will be boldly posted in the best most displayable form on your app, and this allows the customer to get in touch with you easily. It will also allow you to bypass security to help your customer prove who they say they are.

Always Able

Everything your business offers should be accessible from your app. If you’re a service, booking appointments should be available. If you’re a store, make every single product orderable from the mobile app. This will mean that instead of having a number of rented retail stores in your country, you can have millions of digital pocket stores worldwide.

Apps are nothing to joke about. They are the new norm. Adapt and change and you’ll be sure to make the most of this wonderful new technology.



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