Five Cool Games for Kids


This is the first article written by my son.  Evan is a great kid and he asked if he could write for my blog every so often.  So this is his first post.  I’m proud of the job he did.  Be on the lookout for future posts from him in our Kids Korner.   —Ben (Small Biz Dad)


Clash of Clans

clash of clans

Clash of Clans is a Strategy game.  In Clash of Clans you build your own city and fight other players.  You can also join clans do clan wars.   I like this game because it is very fun and you get to attack people.  When you attack people you can earn trophies and once you get a certain amount of trophies you can move up in your league.

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Deer Hunter

deer hunter

Deer Hunter is an action Game.    In Deer Hunter you can buy guns and go on missions.  In a mission you have a task and if you complete this task you can go to a different mission.   If you don’t complete this task you have to redo it until you get it.   Also in this game you have a energy bar with ten energy in it.   Every time you do a mission you lose one energy.   Once you lose all ten you have to either refill it for ten gold or wait until it refills itself.   I like this game because you can hunt different kinds of animals.

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Crossy Road

crossy road

Crossy Road is a hopper game similar to the classic Frogger.   In Crossy Road you use animals to get as far as you can by dodging cars and jumping on logs across the river.   Along the way you can get coins.  You can get these coins as a free gift or picking them up in the game.  When you get one hundred coins you can buy a box with an animal in it.  I like this game because it is fast paced and it gets really exciting.

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Trivia Crack


Trivia Crack is an trivia game.   In Trivia Crack you can either sign in with either Facebook or email.  When you sign in you can find friends and play against them.  You can start games as either regular or challenge mode.  In Challenge Mode, you can challenge a lot of people and everyone answers the same questions.  Also in this game once you answer three questions correct you can choose between a crown or challenge.  I like this game because it is fun and educational.

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Minecraft – Pocket Edition


Minecraft is an building game. In Minecraft when you start a new game you either make it creative or survival. With creative you already have all the blocks possible in this game but in survival mode you have to find and make all the blocks.  Also in survival mode, while looking for and making blocks at night,  you are being chased by creepers.  I like this game because it requires you to be creative and strive to survive.

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These are five cool games for middle schoolers.  Leave a comment below with what games you like to play.


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Evan is an 11 year old 5th grader. He loves video games, airsoft, and geocaching.

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  1. Hi Evan, I totally have the same ideas as you. Especially, play 2d minecraft games online is my very favorite and my friends’ also. I remember the first time I have played Minecraft, I felt it was so hard. Luckily, a few days later, nothing challenged me anymore. Now, I can build various towers and create different skins as well. I love Clash of Clans too. I also introduce to you 1 site I love much, come here!

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