6 Android Apps For A Stress Free Business Trip

Going on a business trip doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. There are Android apps that you can use to help you organize and prepare for your business trip, making it a more pleasant and stress free experience. There’s just really no point in harboring those unnecessary stress. Besides, going on a business trip

Take Better Photographs from Mobile Phones

mobile phone

Gone are the days when people were seen relying on sophisticated cameras in order to capture moments of importance to them. In recent times, individuals are more than happy to settle down for a cell phone camera as far as enjoying a worthwhile clicking experience is concerned. However, the only dilemma faced by these individuals

Top 3 Android App Market Categories


If you’re into making apps and you’re having a hard time deciding which app to make, then this one’s for you! We all know how mobile apps are playing an important role in our day to day lives. Whether you’re using it for business, chatting with your friends, or just looking for the best restaurant

9 Gadgets for Web Designers

Website designers are not really the heroic type who rescue children from floods by day and sleep with beautiful people by night. They are quiet if not nerdy types of people, so you need a gadget gift for them that is really going to tickle their nerd nose, and here are ten really great ones

5 Apps To Lessen Your Business Stress


If you’ve been running a business for quite sometime now, then you’ve probably already realized that the experience doesn’t always have to be frustrating and stressful. But did you know that there are mobile apps that can also help you with that?There are ways for you to make the experience more amiable and delightful. Fixing

Waiting Room Blues

waiting room

I’m taking a break from my usual posts here to write a personal blog post.  I think this may be the first time I’ve done this and hopefully everyone will not run for the proverbial doors.  Anyway, today I was waiting in the hospital waiting room to see my mom.  She had emergency surgery the

Flaws That Can Sink An App

Apps are increasingly popular and are available for just about anything that you can imagine using that app for. Whether it’s for an iOS device or Android device, or its a game or database research tool, there is a plethora of applications for use just on the store sites alone. There are some fatal flaws

Everest App Review


What goals or resolutions did you make this past January 1st?  Most of us have things we want to accomplish in life.  These goals can be business or personal in nature.  I have both types of goals I’m working towards at the moment.  So today I’m looking at Everest for iOS.  Everest lets you define