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I love trivia games.  I remember playing the Trivial Pursuit board game as a kid with my brothers and sisters.  I was the youngest and they rarely let me play but when they did I relished the opportunity.  I guess you could attribute my love of trivia to my competitive nature.  I love competing and I LOVE winning.  Imagine my delight when I received an invitation to play the game QuizUp on my Android device.

QuizUp is a really cool trivia app for iOS and Android.   It features hundreds of categories and over 200,000 questions.  The categories range from general like “General Knowledge” to specific “The Hunger Games”.

In QuizUp, you can challenge friends and play them in real time or you can play your round and QuizUp will send them a notification.  You will then be notified when they complete their round.  You can also play random strangers if you don’t want to be embarrassed by your knowledge of My Little Pony.

QuizUp lets you earn XP within each category and those affect what level you’re on within that category.  When you begin playing you see what level you’re opponent is.  The cool thing is that I may be a level 20 in Computer Science but if I try a new category…like “Interior Design” I start out as a level 1.

QuizUp is played by over 10 million people so you’re sure to find someone to compete against for any topic.   The social aspects of the game allow you to participate in discussions on topics with other users.   You can also chat with your competitors.   I guess some people may use this to talk smack…but I would never do that. 🙂

If you fancy yourself and expert on a topic you can submit your own questions to be added to QuizUp.  So you can share all of your knowledge of Underwater Basket Weaving.  The rankings feature lets you see how you rank in any given topic.  So if you keep trying maybe you can become number 1.

Here Are Some Popular Categories for Topics:

  • TV Shows – Current shows as well as older shows (I like 80’s TV Shows)
  • Books – From classic literature to modern bestsellers
  • Movies –  Various Genres, Actors, Directors, Famous Quotes, and more.
  • Sports – Any sport to fit your taste.  Football, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball, and more.
  • Games – Video Games, Classic Games, Board Games, etc.
  • Music – Lots of styles.  Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, Boy Bands, and more.

I’ve been playing the game for a week or so and so far my favorite topics are: Computer Science, The Bible, and General Knowledge.  I’ve tried many others and my sister keeps challenging me in categories like “Cities of The World”…which I’m terrible at.   The only negative thing I can say is that it occasionally keeps challenges up even after I’ve played them.  I have to play them over and over to remove them (or I can just reject them).  But that is minor and doesn’t happen too often.

If you love trivia and competition then try out QuizUp.

QuizUp on Android

QuizUp on iOS


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