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When you work for a large corporation or government agency you have many resources at your disposal.  You usually have a complex computer network with mail servers, file server, application servers, and firewalls.  You also have video, voice, and web conferencing on site.  But what if you’re a small business owner or consultant?  You usually have a limited budget but you still have a need to meet with clients and partners.

So today I’m looking at some free web conferencing services that you can use with your small business.  These services have paid versions but they offer a free product that can help you run your business and appear more professional when dealing with clients.


AnyMeeting offers a free web conferencing service that features video, voice, and screen sharing.   The free version is ad supported but the ads are on the side of the screen and aren’t bad considering the service you are getting.   AnyMeeting is perfect for collaborating with colleagues, giving sales presentations, consulting with clients, and much more.  You get a ton of features on the free version of this service.

AnyMeeting Free Features

  • Max Meeting Attendees: 200
  • Unlimited Meetings
  • 6-Way Video Conferencing
  • Integrated Conference Calling and VOIP
  • Presentation Sharing
  • Share Your Screen
  • Your Own Meeting URL
  • Social Integration
  • YouTube Video Sharing
  • Registration Forms
  • Quizzes or Questionnaires
  • much more


I’ve been using Join.Me for a while now and I love it.  Join.Me’s free service is very basic but it’s great for small quick meetings.  I have found it very useful for troubleshooting a client’s problem or giving a quick tutorial.

Here are the Join.Me Free version features:

  • 10 participants per meeting
  • Screen sharing
  • Internet Calling
  • Share Control
  • Multiple Monitors
  • User Chat
  • File Transfer
  • Mobile viewer apps (iOS and Android)


UberConference offers a lot of bang for no buck.  You get features on the free plan that most places would charge for.   With UberConference you can do web conferences and voice conferences with ease.   UberConference does something a little different for video conferences.  You actually call into a Google Hangout.  I love this integration and being able to call in to a Google Hangout is just cool.

Another feature of UberConference worth mentioning is that when you are in a meeting you can actually see the social profiles of the meeting attendees.  Of course the attendee must have linked their accounts and allowed this.  But I think it would be great to be able to view someone’s last status update as you’re meeting with them.  It may be borderline creepy…but I still like it.

UberConference Free Features:

  • Unlimited Conferences
  • 10 Callers per meeting
  • HD Audio
  • Call Recording
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+ Integration
  • Mobile Apps Available for meeting on the go
  • Lock calls for extra security




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