6 Android Apps For A Stress Free Business Trip


Going on a business trip doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. There are Android apps that you can use to help you organize and prepare for your business trip, making it a more pleasant and stress free experience. There’s just really no point in harboring those unnecessary stress.

Besides, going on a business trip has a lot of perks to it. The last thing that you want to happen is you getting stressed out instead of having fun!

Alright! So if you’re up for a trip soon and you need help in organizing and making the whole trip a good experience, then these Android Apps is what you’ll need!


Whether you’ll travel by sea, air, or hit the road, for as long as it involves you being miles away from your home, Tripit will help organize the heck out of your itinerary. And you can access it on almost any kind of mobile device!

Basically, you just have to forward all of your confirmation emails to Tripit ([email protected]) and they’ll take it from there.

One other cool feature that Tripit can help you with is that you can add your friends or family in your network allowing you to keep track of their travels. With this, your friends, especially your family won’t have to guess where you’re at.

Currency Converter

Just like the name implies, this app can help you with converting currency no matter where you’re at in the planet.

There are a lot of things that you’ll like on this app. One of them is its “no fluff” feel. It doesn’t give you those weird .08099797 figure. It just gives you a 4.09 figure which is really all we need.

It has ads, but the ads aren’t as distracting and it also has a landscape look which I REALLY APPRECIATE since I have one of those physical keyboard phones.


One of the common things that we usually ask when we’re out on a business trip, is usually “where’s the nearest…”.

When you’re schedule is a hectic one, you just done have the luxury to drive around the block or even do a Google search.

Instead of doing that, you can just use Poynt instead and get the information in a snap!

You can also use Poynt as your personal movie guide and even help you with searching for restaurants (among many others).

Just a heads-up though. Some of the features are limited to the US, UK and India only.



I know you’re surprised, but you really ought not to be.

There will always be situations where you need to relax and rid yourself of the stress that you’ll encounter in your meetings. Playing this Android app and throwing in a couple of cheats can help you do just that!

You really should remind yourself that taking the time to sharpen your axe is very important when cutting down trees.

Google Translate

This is one Android app that I feel not many can live without.

Google Translate can help you translate over 70 languages. You can write, type, speak or even take pictures to translate.


Evernote is probably the best tool that you can ever use for organizing not just your ideas, but your daily “to-do” things.

You can use it for your file backups, your photo storage, you can even create voice and image notes.

With Evernote, you can keep track of your ideas while on your business trip making sure that none of it escapes you. And if you’ll ever need it, you can easily access it through your Evernote app. The best part is… You can share your notes with  your colleagues making team collaboration a lot easier.

Note – Evernote has a free and paid version.

You can use this app when trying to communicate with your business partners overseas removing the language barrier that most most businessmen dread.


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