Raising Money-Savvy Kids


Money makes the world go round, so it’s never too early to teach children a few tricks to help them survive the financial world they will soon inhabit. The lessons can vary depending on how old your children are, but these are definitely some skills that should not be put off until the week before

New Dad Advice: Being Productive Despite Not Sleeping

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It doesn’t matter how new to this whole being a Dad thing, then you will have probably been in three dozens conversations where you are told, “awww, man, you must be soooo tired!” It is one of the most unnecessary, rhetorical and annoying phrases out there, yet everyone you cross paths with seems to want

Making Your First Year of Marriage Stress-Free


Let’s be frank about this: marriage is a wonderful journey, one that delights and fulfills over many years shared together, but it’s not always easy. In fact, it can sometimes feel like it’s never easy, especially in the early days. You’ve gone from being a cool, energetic couple to…woah, being married, and the shock of

The Best Relationship Starts With The Best Sleep


Any couple that isn’t getting the sleep they need, will be a lot more likely to fight. You’re tired, run down and generally grouchy. But what if you’re not able to sleep because of your other half? Well, that just changes everything. Now you can’t eliminate the problem; instead, you need to figure out how

3 Steps to Effortless School Night Meals

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #EffortlessMeals #CollectiveBias   The kids are back in school.  Hooray!!! But not so fast.  While there are many good things about school starting back ( No worrying about babysitters, we get back to a routine,  and early bedtimes

5 Tips To Keep Your Kids Safe Online


The time we live in is great in many ways. The technology at our disposal has transformed the way we live our lives (not all changes are positive).   Those of us who have children now have an entire new list of things to worry about.   There are many…many dangers online for children.  Not

The Great Sleepover Adventure

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #ConfidentKids #CollectiveBias Do you remember sleepovers as a kid?  I do and they were so much fun.  My first sleepovers were with my cousins and we always had a lot of fun (until we started fighting).  Well, my

3 Kickstarter Projects Parents Need To Back #KickStarter

Have you heard of Kickstarter?  I don’t see how you couldn’t have heard of it.  There have been several high profile Kickstarter projects over the last year or so.  Kickstarter is a form of crowdfunding….which means that you draw funds from many different people.  To simplify it, you post your project with a pitch of

Review: Screen Time Parental Control for Android

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Oh how I love technology.  I work in the tech field so I am all about smartphones, tablets, laptops, chromebooks, desktops, and servers.   We also know that kids in general love their electronics.  So my kids have their natural love as kids and then they get another dose from me.  My boys received Android

Buying My 11 Year Old His First Cell Phone

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My wife and I decided to take the plunge and get our 11 year old his own cell phone.  We have been avoiding it and telling him he is too young but literally every other person in his class has one.  Now, I know that’s no reason to buy him one but it did play