CloudOn Expands to 16 More Countries

CloudOn, which allows you to use your iOS and Android tablets to create, view, or edit Microsoft Office files, is expanding to 16 more countries.  Until now, you could only use CloudOn if you lived in the United States, UK, or Canada. CloudOn is expanding to Italy, Spain, France, Ireland, Israel among others.   For

Google Acquires Quickoffice

Google Acquires Quickoffice Google has gone into it’s very deep pockets yet again and this time has purchased mobile office suite Quickoffice.  Quickoffice has a large user base and is on Android phones, iPhone, Android Tablets, iPad,  and Symbian. Quickoffice allows users to work with Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on their mobile device,

AT&T introduces cheaper roaming data plans

Business travelers often find themselves in a sticky situation, where they have to choose between shelling out top dollar for costly international data roaming charges and failing to send important work documents on time while abroad. This should be less of a problem for AT&T consumers and business clients, as the company has just introduced new Data