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Information is of key importance these days and the place where information is passed around the quickest is the Internet, especially when talking about international news. Making an investment on a calculated guess is greatly related to your awareness on of the current situation on the stock market. This is true both for the people who have a lot of experience in the stock market and for the people who are just starting to “play”. Since technology allows us constant access to the web, it would be a bit silly not to use it. There are a lot of apps out there which will help you stay updated on current trends; that is, if you are working on becoming a successful entrepreneur. This is a matter of high importance, since one faulty or outdated piece of information can cost you a lot of money. Checking things out on your tablet or smartphone is something that is easy, quick and reliable and here are our top 10 apps for monitoring your stock.

Yahoo! Finance

One of the strongest and longest lasting names on the web is of course Yahoo! and while they have lost the battle for the number one search engine to Google, we can`t really say that they have just given up. They are doing quality work when it comes to app creation and this one is great. They provide you with news and stats about the financial world and give you access to graphs, currency comparison, etc. right on your iPhone.


This app gives you access to information about the stock that gathers the most “buzz” on social networks and blogs. They are also ranked by the amount of buzz they gather over a specified period of coverage. This can give you a lot of new, potential leads for future investments.


This is a free app that got a lot of praise since its release. It was one of the “seven best free investing apps for 2011″ by Kiplinger and was recently proclaimed one of the best investing apps by Money Magazines. It gives you a lot of options and it is a good app to have.

Wikinvest Portfolio HD

This is an app for experienced market players who have an account with more than one brokerage or financial provider. It gives you a neat overview of them all and helps you track things without any hustle.

Gold Tracker

This is a small app for the iPhone and iPad that tracks market information about precious metals. It has gotten great customer reviews and their support is said to be top-notch.


In order to use the OptionsHouse app you need to have their account. Once you have one, you can access it from anywhere in the world and manage trades, cancel orders and so on.

Forbes Intelligent Investing

Forbes is one of the most trusted names in the financial world and is a must have for any investor, expert or beginner.


This app offers access to a lot of information, educational material, podcasts and live info. It is completely free but it has a few ads here and there, which is understandable. They are not aggressive and can barely be considered a distraction, since they are usually located at the end of the page.


This free application provides you with the most recent quotes, news, global market stats and real time market analysis. It will give you the option of being up to date with all the recent changes, while you are commuting or waiting for a business meeting to start.


Has more than 3,000 trustworthy sources and will provide you with the latest news connected to the financial world. You also have the option to customize the news feed and manage your portfolios, along with a lot of other options.

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