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As a parent, you’re to-do-list never seems to let up! When you’re focusing on the health and wellness of your children, it can be all too easy to let your own needs take a back seat. The problem is, it’s important to lead by example, if you want to motivate your kids to be healthy, you’ve got to be a role model. 

Creating the perfect healthy regime takes time, and it’s helpful to have a few resources to hand. Whether you’re looking for podcasts, books, websites, or applications, these options have got plenty to support your health.

Apps for busy parents

1 . 7 Minute Workout 

These short workouts mostly feature high-intensity interval training, a method that involves a short and intense workout, followed by a short low-intensity, or rest period. Depending on which workout you choose, one repetition could be from around 25 seconds to about 3 minutes. HIIT training can include plenty of different types of exercise, whether bodyweight, running, or biking. There are plenty of nifty features to take advantage of here, including adjustable circuit times, Google Fit support, voice guidance, and a workout log. All you need is a small workout a day to boost your endorphins!

2. Headspace

Headspace is one of the leading mindfulness and meditation apps, helping users from all different walks of life to practice self-care and de-stress. The app provides hundreds of different sleep audio guides, themed meditations, and relaxation exercises. Sessions range from short 2-minute audio guides to twenty minutes, so you can always squeeze these in, even if you’re really pushed for time. 

Life as a parent can be stressful and exhausting at times, which is why it’s important to choose a few good stress-coping tactics! Here you’ll find lots of advice about appreciating the present moment and living a mindful life.

3. MealBoard 

Looking for an app to make family mealtimes easier? Then you need the MealBoard tool. It’s a handy meal planning app that can help you to create grocery lists, design meal plans, track your pantry, and manage your recipes. Using the MealBoard app you can import your favorite recipes from different websites, or create and add your own. 

You can also scan in recipes from magazines or your cookery books. It’s easy to make a shopping list based on your plans, choose the right amount of ingredients, check off items, and add product photos. Planning your family meals can save you lots of time, and prevent you from wasting food. You can also choose quick-recipes so that you won’t be spending hours in the kitchen!

 4. Stop Breathe Think Kids

Looking for an application to support the mental health of your children? ‘Stop Breathe Think Kids’ is an excellent resource. It’s an app that helps introduce children to concepts of mindfulness and meditation. Using the app your children can learn about relaxation, breathing techniques, being calm, and resolving conflicts. Your children can check in with their feelings using fun emojis, and complete special ‘mindfulness missions’. 

There are plenty of engaging activities to keep kids entertained and to support their mental health at the same time. Further features include video animations, rewards stickers, and sleep stories.

Podcasts for busy parents

5. The Parenting Roundabout Podcast

Navigating the world of parenting alone can be tough, so why not tune into the ‘Parenting Roundabout Podcast’, for some insights, advice, and plenty of laughs! This podcast is created and hosted by parenting writers Catherine Holecko and Terri Mauro. Here you’ll get the low down on what parents are, ‘talking about, complaining about, and obsessing about!’ Recent themes on the podcast include parenting in the pandemic and teaching your kids about self-esteem.

6. Self Care For Extremely Busy Women

Whether you’re a busy mum or a professional with little time to spare, ‘Self Care For Extremely Busy Women’ is a fab resource. Here you can learn how to relinquish guilt, build a healthier routine, and reduce anxiety. If you’re struggling to juggle your self-care regime and your other tasks, you’ll get plenty of insights here to get you back on track. The shows explore a wide range of topics, including ‘tips for preventing illness’, and ‘navigating high stress’.

 7. The Fitness Lifestyle For Busy People

Join Dr. Meredith Butulis, to learn how you can create the perfect fitness regime, despite your busy lifestyle. Every week you’ll get 20 minutes of fitness advice that you can put into action. There are also plenty of fitness stories to inspire your new routine. Throughout the episodes you’ll discover topics such as ‘quarantine nutrition’, ‘results without dieting’, and ‘tame your stress’. Meredith is here to help you realize that you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to become your best self.

 8. Ask Lisa: The Psychology Of Parenting 

The Psychology Of Parenting is a podcast created by Dr.Lisa Damour, Adolescence columnist of the New York Times. If you’re looking for some amazing tips to help you navigate the world of parenthood, Lisa has got you covered. Topics include how to keep your child safe online; the holidays under a pandemic; and motivating your child to do homework. Besides all this, there are also plenty of tips on how to remain stress-free, and retain a little bit of time to yourself.

Websites for busy parents 

9. True Coverage Website

To protect your own health, and the health of your family, it’s very important to choose the right health insurance package. The TrueCoverage website is a great resource that can help you to find affordable health insurance options, depending on your specific needs. Here you’ll find plenty of resources and guidance, to help you choose the right option for you. When it comes to health insurance, you’ll want to find the lowest possible rates, while retaining a quality service. It’s best to get your 2021 health insurance options organized, now, so you’ve got one less thing to worry about next year!

10. Yoga Journal

Yoga is a wonderful practice to improve physical and mental health. To learn the ropes, the Yoga Journal website is a fantastic resource. Here there is plenty to learn about styles of yoga, styles of meditation, mindfulness, and nutritional info. You can find out how to perform any yoga move you like, using these detailed descriptions and videos. Whether you need to brush up on your poses, learn some breathing techniques, or start from scratch, the Yoga Journal has got it all! For busy parents who need to learn how to relax, yoga is the ideal practice.

 11. The American Academy Of Pediatrics 

The American Academy of Pediatrics is the perfect website if you have any queries about your kid’s health. The site has lots of articles about development, growth, fitness, nutrition, and more. Recent articles have explored ideas such as ‘how to celebrate safely during COVID-19’, or ‘emotional wellness in children’. Whether you’re looking for advice on helping your child to sleep better, or info on immunizations, you’ll find lots of resources here.

12. Tiny Buddha

The Tiny Buddha is a fantastic wellness website, providing plenty of ideas to help you live a healthier lifestyle. There are articles about mindfulness, love, and relationships, happiness, work fulfillment, nutrition, and more. Whether you need positivity quotes, answers, or inspiration, the Tiny Buddha has got plenty of wisdom. Want to learn a few journaling techniques? Or read about the best yoga style for beginners? Looking to set yourself some healthy goals? Whatever your health aspirations are, you’re bound to find the answers.

Books for busy parents 

13. Mindfulness For Mums: By Izzy Judd

All the mum’s out there who are looking to learn about mindfulness, and feel more calm, this is the book that you need. Here you’ll find lots of practical exercises to help you to clear the mind, connect with your kids, and feel more relaxed. The book includes activities you can do alone, plus activities you can do with your children. There are plenty of easy and quick self-care tips, (so you don’t need lots of spare time to make the most of this book)! Expect practical advice, support on the hard days, and plenty of knowledge to teach your kids.

14. The Family Dinner By Laurie David 

In this beautiful book, Laurie David speaks about the challenges and triumphs of bringing up two teenage girls. Here there are plenty of ‘kid-approved recipes’, advice on teaching sustainable values. The Family Dinner is so much more than a cookbook, but a wellness guide to help you improve your relationships with your children. Laurie writes of memories that will move you, and advice that will help you to create the perfect family meals.

Once you’ve planned a routine that works with your schedule, you’ll find that it becomes easier to manage your time. Remember, a self-care routine doesn’t need to take hours out of your day. Even the fifteen minutes here and there can make all the difference to your wellbeing. With the right tools, you’ll have an improved knowledge of self-care, to pass on to your children.

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