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Our lives are becoming increasingly complex. Not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Too many responsibilities. And too many passwords to remember. This is where 1Password App from AgileBits comes in.

Workforce Security

With passwords for people at work in their offices, they quite often will be forced to create a password with lower-case letters, one upper-case letter, some numbers, and more. Then they will often be forced by the administrator to change the password every two weeks. And the password will be unusually long. The result of these added layers of security? Employees often write the new password down on a piece of paper and “safely” stash it in their desk drawer. Ultimately, less security than an easier to remember, less stringent, less often changed password.

This is what happens when people are forced to change a password often and try to remember a new one. If they are like most of us, they already have different passwords for their online banking accounts, their email, their Twitter account, and so on. Just like trying to remember a different PIN number for each bank card, it can all get too much and be tempting to simplify matters by just using a single password or PIN.

1Password To The Rescue

1Password is a cross-platform app (Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android) that remembers each of your username and password combinations for you. All you have to do is remember a single Master password, and it does not need to change every two weeks to make you jump through mental hoops.

Redesigned for the iOS Platform

The new iOS version of 1Password for Apple mobile devices has been simplified and improved. A double verification system using a 4-digit PIN has been stripped away, in favour of using a Master password only.


The new Favourites section lets you view your most frequently used login information in one convenient place. Items can be added into folders, with categories, for easy grouping and retrieval.


Due to iOS not allowing extensions or plug-ins for apps to make them interoperable, AgileBits have had to create their own web browser to give users a way to directly connect to their Favourite sites. Just pull up the stored user details from the 1Password Favourites and then tap the linked website address. The 1Browser pops open, loads the website in a tab and inserts the correct login information. Simple.

Credit Cards

The 1Password app can also store credit card information and insert it into the site of your choosing when making a purchase.

iCloud and Dropbox Syncing

Improved syncing options from the previous iOS version, iCloud is now included to be able to easily save your password data in case of a hardware failure.


The 1Password app for iOS will run on the iPod touch, iPhone or iPad simultaneously and sync data between all three devices. This is also the case with Windows, Mac OS X, and Android, to seamlessly keep your password data consistent on every device at once.

Improved Across The Board

The new 1Password app has been drastically improved over a year of development for the iOS platform. It clearly shows. The app normally sells for $17.99 but is presently offered at a short-term discount, to just $7.99.


1password   1password

1password   1password

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  1. Great improvement. Although I still love the master password concept in SplashData’s SplashID Safe – the password manager I personally use – because pattern-lock is quite convenient and enjoyable to use than the usual digit pin for frequent unlocking of the software on the device.

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